Cable Protector i2

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Lightest Cable Protector

Width: 25cm
Length: 100cm
Height: 5cm
Equipped with 2 holes: 3, 2cm at 3, 4cm

Right to move alone. and delivery to 6tons.

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Lightweight Cable Protectors

The Cable protector i2 protects cables and wires. In addition, it is the most beautiful cable and guard model, which allow the cars and vans to go through them Weight: This is 4kg, which is close to half the weight of the cheapest cable rollover model POWER555

Cable Protector i2 Dimensions

Width: 25cm
Length: 100cm
Height: 5cm

Weight: 4kg

Cable Protector i2 Hole size

Number of hols: 2pcs
Hole Size: 3, 2cm at 3, 4cm

The cable thresholds I2 can be found

The most modern Model used indoors, but also outdoors-in places where safety needs to be ensured. Protects electrical connections from damage to electrical wiring and unauthorised use of third parties. Ideal for use in mass events, receptions and concerts. It also protects the hoses for electrical switchboards for operation.

Resistance-load Capacity:

We tested our protectors for passing through

  • Bicycles
  • Passenger cars
  • Delivery vehicles

The Cable protector allows passenger cars and vans up to 6 tons. Thus , the offered cable threshold is the lightest on the market for vehicle journeys. Its value also highlights the yellow lid, which increases its visibility. This results in a reduction in the speed of vehicles and increases its lifespan. The yellow color used also attracts the attention of pedestrians, if we apply the raid for pedestrian traffic, for example: Concert halls, closed objects, recording studios, kindergartens and schools. Currently available version in the picture of the threshold.


Fast delivery!

We offer delivery even for tomorrow, ie. The next working day. If the thresholds are needed for yesterday, feel free to contact us by phone: + 48505160303

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 45 × 250 × 1000 mm