Technical seals

Technical seals

Technical sealsare a component of most machines, especially those used in the broadly understood construction and automotive industries. We are talking here about excavators, backhoe loaders, cranes, and even bulldozers, cars, trucks, agricultural tractors or specialized vehicles. So let’s find out more about this type of rubber products, dedicated to everyday and extreme applications.

Technical seals available from POWER Rubber

As we have already mentioned, we most often use seals of this type in the construction industry, but also more widely – in the automotive industry. And so, one of the most common places where we can find this type of seals are hydraulic systems (e.g. in the excavator arm for a tractor), rotating shafts located in the center of these elements, power steering pumps and most of the components in which there is high pressure

Purpose of the use of seals

After a brief reflection on where we can find the sealing elements, we can easily say that they have a protective and securing function. To some extent, thanks to them, we have the ability to operate machines because they allow the controlled use of high pressures. These types of high pressure seals also retain oils, greases, hydraulic fluids and other aggressive chemicals.

Technical seals are designed to prevent leaks. Check our offer of custom-made seals. We also use WaterJet technology (water cutting). Water jet cutting guarantees precise and effective cutting in any material.

Rotary shaft sealing rings

One of the basic seals are sealing rings used on rotating shafts. This type of gasket is one of the most advanced seals. They are also known as simerings. Depending on the place of use – whether it is on the arm of an excavator or backhoe loader, or as a component of a car engine, i.e. a shaft seal – the best type is selected. So let’s check what types of oil seals are available, i.e. individual types of technical sealing. The POWER Rubber shop offers the following seals:

Uszczelnienia tłoka zgarniacze (uszczelki zgarniające)

The scraper piston seals fulfill a very important function. They protect the piston against dirt, dust, water and oils, which are the most common causes of damage to the seal. Wiper seals also guarantee a solid seal and leak protection. Piston seals and scrapers require properly selected sealing parameters for the piston rod. Only the correct installation of the piston seal and scrapers guarantees its correct operation.

Check the POWER Rubber offer. We operate dynamically in the city of Warsaw and the surrounding area (Warsaw branch). We also accept orders throughout Poland.

Industrial adhesives

Industrial adhesives are used in the automotive industry. Many car repair shops use the properties of specialized adhesives (e.g. Teroson, Loctite). The Teroson brand offers not only adhesives for sealing. Both the Teroson and Loctite brands also include sealants, bonding products for component reinforcement and repair products in their extensive product range. Keeping your business running during the failure of moving parts can be associated with high costs associated with unplanned downtime.

Types of simering

As we already know, simmering sealing rings come in many variants. Here are the most commonly used and available for purchase from a technical seal store.

Depending on the selected variant, they are equipped with a spring.


Other simmerings have a metal insert in their construction.

Still other simmers combine these two components.

We can also find technical seals made of only rubber.

Also, the higher model of the simering is equipped with an additional lip.

Oil seal

What is an additional lip for in simering?

We answer this simple question very specifically. An additional lip in the technical rings is used to trap dust and dirt. Its common name is an anti-dust lip.

green and black rubber o-rings
green and black rubber o-rings

O-ring – technical seals

O-rings, i.e. one of the basic technical seals, are round seals, called rubber rings with a wheel cross-section. Most often used in places where the pressure is lower than in the case of simmerings, but also where resistance to temperature and contact with aggressive chemical substances, such as fuel and petroleum derivatives, e.g. pig iron or ozone, and widely understood gases are significant.

O-ring seals in the lagging

O-rings types available at a rubber goods store

O-rings are the most commonly used seals. They are easier to produce for the Manufacturer of technical seals than the aforementioned oil seals. So let’s take a closer look at the types of O-rings available. Thus, the basic types of rubber rings are:

O-ring 50 on 3 NBR made of NBR
oring nbr

NBR o-rings

O-rings used in the temperature range: -40 ° C to + 90 ° C, basic resistance to oils and greases. Moreover, seals made of NBR rubber have good mechanical properties and high abrasion resistance. Low gas permeability and high resistance to mineral oil based oils and greases are other advantages of NBR O-rings. They are also the cheapest seals. On the Polish market, offered in very low quality from importers from China – to high-quality ones are welcome to us?

O-ring 74 for 5 FKM made of FKM
FKM FPM Viton® O-ring

FKM FPM or Viton® O-rings

O-rings of this type are used as a better version of NBR O-rings – i.e. the seals described in the previous paragraph. Their recommended temperature range by the Power Rubber Specialists is: -25 ° C to + 210 ° C. Viton technical seals are characterized by higher resistance in addition to high-temperature properties, also greater resistance to contact with chemical substances such as oils and mineral greases or those containing components enriching their composition. Rings of this type are also resistant to hydraulic fluid, contact with propane-butane gas, fuels and crude oil. They are recommended for the automotive industry and production plants. Viton O-rings are not compatible with steam, water, hot water and organic acids. Viton engineering seals contain fluorine which makes them non-flammable. They are used in the automotive and petrochemical industries, as well as the production of parts for hydraulic and pneumatic systems. For individual pricing of Viton technical seals, contact us!

Oringi epdm
Green and black epdm o-rings

EPDM O-rings

EPDM O-rings are seals used in the temperature range -40 ° C to + 110 ° C, although POWER Rubber offers high-temperature EPDM seals – resistant up to + 150 ° C. These are seals dedicated to contact with water (if it is to be drinking water should be FDA certified O-rings, i.e. O-rings for contact with foodstuffs), DOT3 and DOT4 brake fluids, but also silicone-based brake fluids, i.e. DOT5. O-rings are also used for contact with esters and ketones.

silicone o-ring
red brick-red silicone O-ring

O-rings Silicone

High temperature o-rings are silicone o-rings. They are used in the temperature range -60 ° C to + 180 ° C, although in the high-temperature variant they are resistant up to + 300 ° C. These O-rings for the food industry thanks to the FDA certificate (Food and Drug Administration source– certificate of suitability of products for contact with foodstuffs. The manufacturer’s silicone O-rings can be of any size. In addition to the mentioned application, silicone gaskets are also used for contact with water, but at a low temperature and in industries such as medicine or pharmacy.


O-rings FEP PFA – O-rings in lagging

o-rings in POWER Rubber sheath
o-rings in POWER Rubber sheath


Covered O-rings, also known as seamless casing O-rings, i.e. rings in a FEP or PFA Teflon sheath, are used where increased chemical resistance is required. Often coupled with a wide temperature range, and even the aforementioned FDA food-contact approval. Coated gaskets are used in extreme cases and therefore are often a cheaper replacement for FFKM rings (commonly known as Kalrez®).
Depending on the use of the Teflon® lining insert, there are two main types for PFA O-rings:

PFA orings with an insert made of FPM / FKM / Viton®, used in the temperature range: 20 ° C to 204 ° C

FEP O-rings with a Teflon sheath Silicone, also known as VMQ and MVQ, is suitable for use in the temperature range: -60 ° C to 260 ° C

Technical seals Warsaw


You wonder:


Where to buy technical seals in Warsaw?


To this question, many of our satisfied customers say: POWER Rubber.



And where is the POWER Rubber Store located?


POWER Rubber is located 15 minutes from Warsaw – the city of Pruszków. Friendly location at the A2-S8 Pruszków exit.


What can I find in the Rubber Store in Pruszków?

In the Rubber Store, I will find a wide selection of technical seals and elements that allow for their advanced use. We can find various gaskets, rubber cords, O-rings, rubber adhesives and rubber shock absorbers and rubber floors.

Welcome! Take advantage of the offer and knowledge of Rubber Specialists with POWER Rubber in the POWERRubber.comRubber Store!

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