Non-slip tape for carpets

The product that definitely facilitates the functioning of the apartments is a non-slip tape for carpets. It is ideal for products that have a problem with proper adhesion.

Use of tapes

These are self-adhesive tapes that can be fixed anywhere. However, it is recommended to glue them on the corners of the carpet. It will be more stable.

non-slip tape yellow black

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The advantage of non-slip tapes for carpets is their lack of visibility. Thanks to the attachment from the inner surface of the carpet, it becomes attached to the ground. The adhesive is durable, so the fastening will certainly serve us for a long time. This is a great solution for floors that have a slippery surface. Often carpets located in bathrooms, corridors, that is, places where we use slippery surfaces. A solid attachment of the carpet to the ground is also an effective care for safety issues. The risk of slippage decreases significantly. Non-slip stair straps are also available.

This application is of great interest. This is very helpful in the daily use of carpets.

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