rubber mats in wide washing machines

Grooved floor covering

The grooved floor covering is made of high-quality rubber. Made with the highest precision, they have non-slip properties. This is their biggest advantage, which makes it a frequently chosen product for professional and private use. In addition, they have high resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage. Customers appreciate the rubber mats with the roar also for their very easy and convenient installation and reliability.

Grooved floor covering – characteristics

Flax linings are ideal for all conditions, they can be used both indoors and outdoors, exposed to various weather conditions. It is worth adding that thanks to the specific properties of rubber, the carpets are not deformed, so they can also beused in plants working with heavy machinery. Most often, rubber carpets with a thickness of 1 mm to 6 mm are produced, and their width and length are cut individually to the size ordered by the customer. They are available in many colours, but black and grey models are the most popular. This is due to the easier maintenance of such surfaces clean. If the customer wants the rubber mat with a weave to be further strengthened, with even less susceptibility to deformation, it is worth investing in a grooved floor covering with additional fabric spacer. Universal fashion carpets have several types of structure – a narrow or wide rhyfel. Similar products also include metro rubbers, which have stamping in the shape of wheels and are most often chosen for driveways and garages. They are made of SBR, NBR and EPDM rubber mixtures. The rhyfated mat is ideal as a load stabilizer in vehicles, but also for flooring in offices, conference rooms or elevators. They also make it easier to smooth out space.

Advantages of using a rubber mat

The plunging liner has many advantages. This makes them such a popular product, both by professionals for their workshops and workplaces, but also for homes or garages. First of all, it is worth noting that such mats protect floorsand other surfaces from mechanical damage of various origins. This is particularly important for frequent and intensively used transport routes, for example in warehouses. In addition, the position of the additional rubber layer allows forbetter protection against dirt. A flax lining is a good way to keep your place clean. Most often, it is enough to wash them with water with detergent, without the need for too much scrubbing or the use of special, dedicated cleaning products. Rubber, imitating corrugated sheet,cushions andsmoothes vibrations, resulting from the operation of machines. This is especially important for large plants with equipment where the noise level can be very high. The use of such a carpet of the appropriate thickness will allow to reduce vibration, thanks to the insulating properties. This increases the comfort of employees in their daily work. Probably the most important advantage of these products is their non-slipness. The specially pressed structure makes the surface much more stable. This makes it safe to move around, even in the case of wet floors. Among other similar products, it is undoubtedly the distinguishing feature of the mat with a wead. In addition, it is very convenient to mount. The possibility of ordering a liner perfectly cut to size makes it easy to perfectly fit into a given room. The flax lining is a proven and affordable multi-space solution that solves many shortcomings. Add to cart or add to clipboard to compare other options.

rubber mats in wide washing machines

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