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Certificate 2.1. vs certificate 3.1.

What is a 2.1 Declaration of Conformity?


Declaration of Conformity 2.1 is a declaration by the manufacturer (producer) that the products delivered to the customer comply with the requirements agreed and approved by both parties when placing the order. The document issued by the manufacturer does not contain the results of tests carried out during the non-specific control.


What is a 3.1 acceptance certificate?


The 3.1 certificate is a document issued by the manufacturer (manufacturer), in which he declares that the delivered products comply with the order and attaches to them the test results carried out during the specific inspection.


Specific versus non-specific quality control


During the specific quality control, tests are carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out in the product specification, official regulations, in accordance with technical rules and in accordance with the agreed delivery terms. The specific inspection confirms that the delivered products comply with the requirements specified in the order. On the basis of the tests, the manufacturer declares that the customer will receive the goods that are in line with the order and meet the relevant standards and specifications. During the non-specific control, the manufacturer, as part of carrying out checking procedures, states that the goods meet the ordering party’s list of requirements.

Certificate 2.1 and 3.1 according to PN-EN 10204


Who is authorized to issue the certificate?


According to PN-EN 10204, both inspection documents may be issued by the manufacturer. The customer receives a set of documents as a confirmation of compliance with the order. In the case of the acceptance certificate, the test results obtained during the non-specific control are also attached to the inspection documents.


The declaration of conformity 2.1 and the acceptance certificate 3.1


Wymagane dokumenty mogą być podpisane przez upoważnionego przedstawiciela, który z działem produkcyjnym nie jest w żaden sposób z wiązany. The EN 10204 standard specifies that inspection documents cannot be written onto letterhead. The customer receives documents from the authorized representative in which it is unacceptable to make any changes, apart from the quantity of the ordered goods. In both cases, it is assumed that the recipients must prepare and deliver the relevant documents in a language they understand. In accordance with the European standard 10204, it is permissible for the manufacturer to attach to the acceptance certificate the results of the acceptance inspection of raw or pre-processed input materials. However, it must remember to respect traceability.


Which document is issued for a fee?

The declaration of compliance with the order is most often issued to the customer without charging any fees. However, the producer (producer) has the right to demand such a fee. The condition for receiving the acceptance certificate issued by the manufacturer is the payment of the fee for issuing the document.

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