Rubber seals

Rubber products have been an indispensable aid in many industries for many years. They are available in many different forms and shapes, so there are no real limits in terms of their application. Rubber seals are universal components that should be available to virtually any professional shop selling protective, isolating or cushioning products intended for use in workshops, manufacturing plants, but also in other industries. Rubber seals are also an indispensable element that will also be useful at home.

Rubber seal – use at home and in the plant

High-quality seals are usually made by ejaculation or ironing. Their main advantages include tensile and deformation resistance, low susceptibility to abrasion. In addition, most of them have the possibility to work in an environment with a wide temperature range and do not lose their properties when in contact with acids, bases or other intensive means used in industrial production. Depending on the mixture used, the gasket can be used in household, work plants, workshops, industry and various industries. These are irreplaceable elements when it comes to resistance to dynamic loads while retaining flexibility. This makes them popular in the transport, food, pharmaceutical, but also automotive and construction industries. As a universal part for insulation of hydraulic or pneumatic systems, they guarantee a quick solution to many problems related to leakage too high noise or vibration. Epdm rubber products can also be used in the form of profiles, but you can also meet very popular round, flat rubber seals and products with other non-standard cross-sections. Rubber profiles are most often available in the store’s offer for sale per current meter. They are used to seal and insulate garage doors and other steel doors, for example, for large-area warehouses or silos. They help to maintain full tightness in the room, and thanks to the high number of variants, you can precisely choose a model that will solve a specific problem and adapt to the shape and length of the gate or door.


Types of rubber plastics

The gasket can be made of different types of rubber. The material from which the element is made has a significant impact on its technical characteristics, and at the same time the purpose and applicability. Several of the most popular plastics are distinguished, from which the most common gaskets are produced. These include, but are not limited to:

  • SBR rubber – probably the most popular solution, has good mechanical properties and high resistance to damage and bending. The product will work well in home and professional use, it is available in almost any building store;
  • NBR rubber – the material is characterized by resistance to oils, and in addition is very mechanically durable, difficult to stretch and with low abrasion. The NBR seal is ideal for industrial plants where there is exposure to oils and lubricants;
  • EPDM rubber – they are characterized by excellent resistance to all processes associated with aging and wear, rubber seal with EPDM also retains its properties even in contact with acids and at low temperatures;
  • VMQ rubber – this is otherwise synthetic rubber, distinguished from others by good elasticity, which it retains at very low temperatures, is usually used in the food and pharmaceutical industry;
  • FPM rubber – have the best thermal resistance of all popular plastics, easily accessible.

Proven manufacturer of rubber seals

Sealing elements made of various types of rubber, e.g. EPDM, are now an indispensable addition in virtually every workshop. Their biggest advantages include low gas and water permeability through gaskets, so they can be used under a variety of conditions. They are available in many colors, which means that any even demanding recipient can freely choose a specific model for their room. The gasket will protect the cables from damage, ensuring a safe electrical system. As an insulating element, they prevent the penetration of moisture into the room and, consequently, also the development of mold. A side effect often, but equally desirable, is the suppression of external noise and the reduction of dust and dust from entering. By choosing a proven manufacturer and an online store from the official website you can be sure that we will find excellent quality. We invite you to familiarize yourself with all the rubber products offered by our shop. Buy once, and certainly excellent workmanship and effectiveness will make you come back! The offer includes articles solidly made of materials resistant to most weather ingress, which significantly prolongs their strength. Our specialists will be happy to help you choose the best model tailored to your individual preferences and needs, so feel free to contact us directly.

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