Service rubber mats

Service rubber mats

Surely at least once you have started an electronic device, looked closely at the unfolded car components, or even folded furniture. Especially when you work in an industry related to the examples mentioned above. If so, it is very possible that you have experienced a phenomenon that spends every time sleep from the eyelids – the loss of some important element, necessary for the reassessment of the object. Everyone happens to lose the screw or forget where the key was put down. However, when working in such an industry, it is important that these things happen extremely rarely, and preferably not at all. Sounds unbelievable, but it’s possible. It was in order to prevent such situations that rubber service mats were created.

What is a service rubber mat?

The service mat is a special type of industrial mats that serve in industries that come into contact with many difficult environmental conditions. They are used wherever high resistance to negative working conditions is needed. They prevent slipping and allow the use of oil, lubricants, acids and bases and various solvents, as well as ensure the ability to work at high temperatures. In addition to these properties, the service mat is primarily used in places where good space organization is needed due to the presence of many small items, such as screws or electronic components. Therefore, it is ideal for any GSM service or automotive workshop.

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Rubber mat – advantages

Rubber service mat is a product that has many advantages, and using it will certainly change the work of the user. First of all, such a mat allows for better organization of the workplace – a large working area, with separate spacers helps to plan the most functional arrangement of the necessary equipment for work, and this directly translates into both the quality of the work performed and its pace. After all, you don’t have to look for items or devices that get lost every now and then when you need them. Now everything will find its place – curved tweezers, soldering iron, side tweezers, precision screwdrivers, or tin. Using the service mat, we save not only our time, but also nerves and money – we no longer have to fear that you will have to buy new instruments again.

An important advantage of the rubber mat is its non-slip. This is a very useful feature that will certainly be appreciated by people repairing any small equipment. When leaning over the table, it is very easy to move the repaired items and increase the working time. The mat prevents different parts from moving, so doing things like soldering will no longer cause problems. In addition, it is made of a material with high resistance to high temperatures (up to 500 degrees Celsius), so soldering will not hurt it even in the slightest.

Rubber mats have a very well-thought-out structure – they contain many compartments in which you can place the most important parts of the equipment, eg. screws of very small size. This prevents them from being lost, first of all, if neodymium magnets are installed in the mat – then even the smallest screws will not be lost.

Washers can be obtained in several sizes, so everyone can adjust its size to suit their individual needs. Smaller mats will work better for electronics, while larger mats will work better for mechanical plants.

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Where do such rubber mats come in handy?

The rubber service mat is a functional solution used by many people, especially those working in the electronics industry. Since most electronic devices contain many different, very small parts, it is not surprising that they can be lost in a very easy way. The rubber mat is designed to ensure that all components from the device remain in place. The same applies to work in mechanical plants. When servicing the car, it is necessary to unscrew the various parts and their components in order to investigate the cause of the fault. This is done using many special tools of different sizes. Therefore, it is not difficult to lose the keys, washers or components used to reassembling the unscreated products. In order to avoid these situations and not to run the additional costs associated with the purchase of lost items, it is worth considering using a rubber mat intended for service.

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