Transparent silicone plate

Transparent silicone plate

Silicone plates are used primarily in the construction, pharmaceutical and food industries. The amazing properties of solid silicone contribute to this. It is for them that these products made of organosiloxane polymers are the most appreciated. Wherever sterility, proper hygiene, chemical purity, durability and resistance are needed, a silicone plate will be used there. Depending on the color of the silicone, it has slightly different properties, thanks to which it can be selected individually to the needs of the customer. What do I need to know about silicones, what is the transparency plate and what is applicable?

Silicone rubber – characteristics

Silicone plates are flexible, stretchable and versatile material. Therefore, they produce many products that must have these characteristics, e.g. gaskets and orings. Silicone products are used in case of contact with steam and are not damaged by it. They are highly valued in the food industry because they show physiological harmlessness, confirmed by compliance with the conditions of the Food and Drug Agency certificate. In addition, they do not carry smells and taste, which is also their great asset. Silicone plates are also resistant to hydraulic fluids containing glycols, which is why they are also used in this industry. Silicone is a great power insulator, so all protective products are made of it. It is characterized by resistance to fire, weather conditions, ultraviolet light and ozone. When it comes to silicone plates and the making of sealing products from them, they are only suitable for static seals, as they can be rubbed. Silicone seals are ideally located in places where special attention is paid to hygiene, hence the wide application in the medical and food industry. Anadditional advantage of silicone products is their ease of storage, as even their prolonged storage does not have any negative impact on their properties. So it won’t be a problem in later use.

Transparent plate – standards

In order for products such as silicone plates to be put into service, the material from which they are made is subjected to various tests. This is because silicone rubber must meet certain standards in order for itto be put into the hands of thecustomer. These silicone plates are very popular in cold stores and dryers, hence the need to have the approval of the Polish Department of Hygiene and to meet the standards of the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration). More and more products are made of transparent silicone rubbers.

transparent silicone plate

ISO 9001

In order to enjoy the use of this product for a long time and to be sure that it is made of the highest quality material, a good transparent board must be made in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. This guarantees that the silicone plates have been subjected to quality control and comply with accepted standards. This is important both from the point of view of the manufacturer, who builds his brand and wants to acquire regular buyers, as well as the customer himself, for whom quality matters and allows to gain confidence in the seller. These are the main reasons why we offer silicone boards of the best quality, in accordance with all the required standards.

Transparent plate – features

As this silicone plate is a very flexible and versatile material, it is characterized by high resistance to severe weather conditions and above all to extreme temperatures. The temperature range in which you can easily use these plates ranges from -60 degrees Celsius to up to 250 degrees. In addition, it is a chemically resistant and very strong polymer, so it shows great resistance to various chemicals. In addition, silicone plates do not oxidize, not terrible ozone, and in addition, they show a high tolerance to ultraviolet radiation, infrared, ionizing radiation and electrical discharges caused by the ionization of liquids or liquids, which affects their use in electronics. The colourless silicone plate is an excellent choice, especially when used in industries such as food, distillery, wine and pharmaceutical.

Silicone plate red

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Transparent silicone plates on sale

Due to the different needs of customers, the silicone plate sales industry offers many available plate sizes. To meet and meet the demands of customers, silicone plates of different thicknesses and lengths are created, so anyone can find a parameter that will be used for this purpose. The thickness of the plate can range from 0.5 mm up to 50 mm, the width of the roll varies from 10 to 1200 mm, however, the most standard dimensions are in the range of 1000 – 1200 mm, the length is even 10 meters, usually not less than 1 meter current. Most often, under the individual order of the customer, silicone plates are professionally cut on modern plotters, so that they can achieve shapes and dimensions with custom values, but personalized to a specific order. Our silicone plates are made of the highest quality rubber, have great durability, are untoneable, effectively dampen vibrations and are a good insulator, do not cause problems in processing. The choice of this material allows you to speed up the process of creating structures with non-standard technical parameters.

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