Non-combustible rubber liners for welding stations

Non-combustible rubber liners for welding stations

Rubber linings for welding stations are an element of equipment that should be in any welding plant, but not only, it will also be useful in workplaces where there is a risk of fire. The main purpose of the carpet is to protect the substrate and workers from the harmful effects of fire or other sources of high temperature. Rubber mats for welding stations are manufactured so that they are not damaged by harsh environmental conditions. In addition, mats of this type have a number of other characteristics that improve working conditions.

Properties of rubber mats for welding stations

Rubber mats for welding stations are characterized primarily by resistance to fire and high temperatures. This ensures the safety of people working in demanding conditions, e.g. welders or miners. Industrial rubber mats for welding purposes usually consist of two layers. The upper surface has high fire resistance and the bottom is good cushioning for the feet and eliminates the risk of slipping. Importantly, these rubber mats have anti-fatigue properties, thanks to which standing work is less tiring, and the employee feels less discomfort, less tired of several hours of work in a standing position. Thanks to the mixture of very good quality rubbers, the mat has high resistance to tearing, abrasion, creases. The industrial use of mats requires durability, so manufacturers make sure that mats can be used for a long time without explicit wear.

Rubber mat parameters

Industrial rubber mats are available in many variants. The product should be selected on the basis of the working conditions in which it is to be used. The first issue to be resolved is the dimension. Rubber mats for welding stations are available in the form of modules of specific dimensions, in whole rolls, cut into meters or cut to the dimension specified by the customer. The hardness of such a mat is about 65 ShA. An example thickness is 15-17 mm. A common addition to the carpet is nitrile. The temperature range at which rubber mats can be used is from -35 st. up to 95 st. Celsujsza.

Rubber mats – application

Flammable carpets for welding stations are specialized products, designed for work in difficult conditions. Standard mats could be damaged by high temperatures or when faced with sparks or hot gases, so hard-to-burn rubber mats are a better choice. Rubber mats can be laid on the floor or on worktops, the purpose of the mat depends on its type. Welding stations are safer for workers if hard-to-burn carpets are placed on them. Rubber mats have a wide range of industrial applications, they are suitable not only for welding plants, but also for steel mills or mines.

Welding protective mat

The greatest advantages of flammable mats

The main advantage of welding mats, or general, industrial, is their flammability. Nevertheless, it is important that these mats are anti-ative. For people who work standing most of the day, this is important. Thanks to the materials used in the production, the mats are very resistant to different environmental conditions, so they will not deteriorate quickly. A very convenient feature is that rubber mats do not require sticking or nailing, they can be laid freely on the floor, as well as easy to carry. These primers are not only non-slip, but also have chamfered edges, making it impossible to stumble on the edge of the mat.

Price and availability

Rubber mats are industrial products that are available in shops and stationary markets with construction and industrial goods. The purchase can also be made in the online store, often online purchases are more convenient and cheaper, and these are important aspects for each customer. The price you have to pay for rubber mats can be very varied. A lot depends on the parameters of the carpet. What mats have dimensions, thickness, weight and exactly what material they were made of. The price is also influenced by whether the mats are to be cut to a specific dimension, according to the customer’s request.

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