NBR oil-resistant Rubber Sheet

NBR oil-resistant Rubber Sheet

Rubber Sheet are a product useful wherever work requires the use of oils, gasoline or fats. Rubber Sheet are made of acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber, which cannot be damaged by the above-mentioned petroleum substances. In addition, the rubber plate has a number of properties that increase the comfort and safety of work. This is especially important in workplaces where the risk of an accident is high. These types of plates are also useful in home workshops, every DIY enthusiast should consider purchasing products such as Rubber Sheet Resistant Rubber Plates.

Properties of rubber sheets

Oil-resistant rubber sheets as the name suggests, they are resistant to damage caused by petroleum substances, i.e. oils, greases, gasoline or crude oil. Only NBR rubber sheets suitable for the conditions in which the substances used above are used, general-purpose SBR boards or EPDM weather-resistant boards could be damaged. The practical properties of rubber sheets do not end there. They are also resistant to high and low temperatures, they can be used from -30 degrees Celsius. up to 80 degrees Celsius without compromising durability. NBR rubber, apart from being resistant to oils, is also a good insulator. It is non-conductive and therefore protects workers against electric shock due to a faulty device. also NBR rubber mats they can be used as an anti-slip underlay, thus preventing accidents due to slipping or preventing tools from slipping off the worktop. In the production process, the mats can be reinforced with spacers, which increases their durability and makes them resistant to abrasion. It is a product designed for demanding conditions and is likely to last for years.

The rubber mats are prepared by manufacturers in many variants. You can choose from different hardnesses, e.g. 50, 65 or 80 ShA. The dimensions of the NBR boards can also be selected according to the needs, the standard width is 120 cm, and the length of the roll is from 5 to 10 m. The thickness of the board should be appropriate to its intended use. Manufacturers offer, among others thinner rubbers, e.g. 3, 5 mm, or thicker – 15, 20, and even 30 or 50 mm. NBR oil-resistant rubbers are prepared in specific dimensions, but at the client’s individual request, the Rubber Sheet can be cut into smaller parts, so that the product can be adapted to specific needs. The cut is made as accurately as possible, but it should be taken into account that the rubber compresses and expands under the influence of temperature, therefore the size of the cut plate may differ by approx. 5 mm from the ordered one.

NBR rubber plate

Oil-resistant Rubber Sheet – application

NBR rubber sheets thanks to their properties, they can be used in many different places. NBR plates They work very well as underlays, coverings for floors, workbenches, machines and devices. NBR rubber is used wherever it is possible to come into contact with petroleum substances that may leak from devices or lines. They are often used in industry, manufacturing plants and workshops. The oil resistance of NBR rubber protects surfaces in workplaces against damage or the formation of permanent, non-washable dirt. Rubber works very well as a cover for cabinets and workbenches, protects them and improves comfort at the workplace. The NBR rubber plate can also be used as a basis for the production of smaller protective parts, e.g. seals, vibration isolation. It works well as a soundproofing and vibration damping element, thanks to which NBR rubbers improve the comfort of work. Although they are oil resistant plates, they can also be used as protective covers. Additional reinforcement of rubber plates with spacers makes them suitable as underlays for heavy machinery, e.g. in the gym, as protective mats for shelves or as coverings for passages in halls and warehouses.

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