Wykładzina gumowa na lodowisko

Rubber mats for the ice rink

In order to ensure complete safety for users, certain standards must be met on ice rinks. For this reason,ryfel or molet (metro) rubber mats are used as primers. Made of general purpose rubber, i.e. SBR, non-slip and resistant to heavy pressure, they allow users to enjoy the joy of using the ice rink without hindrance. The rubber lining must perfectly protect the people on it. So what must a good, ice-resistant rubber lining do?

Rubber Liner in Grey Coins

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Rubber mats for SBR rubber ice rink

SBR general purpose rubber is the most popular type of rubber liner used, which is ideal for use on the ice rink. It is characterized by non-slip properties (by using special RYFEL-type recesses or MOLET/metro strips). It is highly resistant to abrasion, which is important, especially in the case of an ice rink, where it moves sharp skates. In addition, they are very durable rubber mats. RYFEL and MOLET provide easy cleaning of the carpet from snow, water and sand residues, and by stopping in recesses, it allows you to safely use the carpet, providing non-slip properties and securing the ice rink.

Rubber mats for ice rink – application

Rubber mats made of SBR rubber, allow you to protect the surface from damage, dirt or industrial fluids. Thanks to their non-slip properties, they prevent slipping. In addition to the ice rink, they are ideal for workshops, production facilities, sports halls, elevators, farmrooms, trailers and semi-trailers of trucks and more. But what is the difference between carpets and molets?

  • But what is the difference between carpets and molets? Their surface looks like gutters, which facilitates the discharge of any liquids accumulating inside, so the upper surface has non-slip properties
  • metro liners/rollers have characteristic round stripes on their surface, between which all impurities also collect, giving it a non-slip.

Despite the differences, the two types of rubber lining made of general purpose SBR also have a lot in common. Both are highly resistant to high pressure, are resistant to oils, usually available in black, are resistant to abrasion, which is important when used on an ice rink, and are not harmed by worse weather conditions. Thanks to this, it is these rubber carpets that are most often used for ice rink and other public facilities.


Rubber mats for ice rink – roller parameters

We offer rubber mats for the ice rink in various dimensions available. The rollers are 1000 mm wide, 1200 mm wide, up to 1450 mm wide and 10000 mm long. The rubber liner can also be cut by us to a special customer’s order – we use the latest technologies to ensure precision cutting. We also offer a variety of available colors, not just standard black. The ice rink liner available in our offer has different thicknesses, from 3 to 20 mm.

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