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Rubber plate for workbench

Rubber plate for a workbench is a protection that should be present in every establishment where tools and heavy devices or oils are used, which can damage and dirty the table surface. Such rubber mats have a high resistance to abrasion and deformation, therefore they effectively protect the workbench against damage. The rubber plate is also suitable for general use, so it can be used in various types of studios or home workshops, not only in specialized plants. Rubber mats protect workbenches against quick and irreversible damage, so if there is a risk of mechanical damage to the table, it is worth considering equipping the workshop with Rubber Sheet . Properly used Rubber Sheet effectively protect workbenches for a long time.

Types and application of rubber sheets

Rubber plate for workbench can be used in all places where tools and devices are used for work, i.e. in production plants, car or carpentry workshops, services, repair points, bookbinders and many others. They are widely used in the machinery, food, mining and petrochemical industries. Rubber mats for workbenches can be of different thickness.

Depending on the table, machines and work carried out, you can order, for example, a thickness of 3 mm, 5 mm, 10 mm, 20 mm or even 50 mm – and these are thick rubber plates. The size of the board can also be adjusted to your needs; you can order one of the sizes offered by the manufacturer or arrange that the board will be made to a specific size.

Rubber plates are extremely hard and resistant to extreme temperatures, they can be used even from -40 degrees Celsius. up to 80 degrees degrees. You can choose mats reinforced with spacers if the working conditions require materials of particular strength. Rubber Sheet for tables have different properties and purpose. These include general purpose SBR boards, acid and weather resistant EPDM boards – especially useful for outdoor tables, and oil resistant NBR boards – resistant to oils, greases, crude oil, etc. The standard rubber plate has a smooth surface, but it is also possible to make a knurled rubber plate, i.e. with a disc pattern, or a grooved rubber, which means that there are grooves on the surface of the mat.

Why is it worth using Rubber Sheet on a workbench?

Rubber Sheet for workbenches have several advantages that employees using them will appreciate. Rubber sheets for tables are very good insulators, so they contribute to improving the safety of employees. In addition, the plates neutralize table vibrations caused by running machines, and what’s more, they make it easier to keep the workplace tidy, because they are very easy to clean.

Thanks to them, the work is easier and faster, among others thanks to the fact that the tools placed on the mat do not slip off it. Even parts or devices not carefully thrown on the table will not cause dents or abrasions on the table top.

Rubber mats are characterized by high abrasion resistance, so they will work wherever there is a need to move objects, especially heavy ones that could cause cracks, scratches or abrasion on the surface. If no petroleum substances are used in the workshop, it is enough rubber plate General purpose SBR. However, if oils are used at work, an oil-resistant NBR rubber plate will be better. What’s more, the rubber plate is easy to install, so putting it on won’t take much time or effort, just stick it or screw it to the table top. You can easily choose the one that will fit your table from a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.

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The most important properties of rubber plates

Factory owners or home DIY enthusiasts want their workshops to stay in very good condition for as long as possible. The protection of tables can be provided by Rubber Sheet , which, due to their high wear resistance, mean that the furniture will not be damaged for a long time. High abrasion resistance, easy cleaning of rubber mats, preventing tools from slipping are useful features, but the insulating and anti-vibration properties are definitely more important. In addition to high strength, the table rubber plate reduces the risk of electric shock and reduces vibrations generated by devices that are standing on it. This affects the comfort and efficiency of work. Also the fact that you can choose the thickness and any size of the plate for your workbench is an undoubted advantage of this product.

The cost of a rubber plate for a workbench

The price to be paid for Rubber Sheet for workbenches is not fixed. It depends on what type of plate is chosen, what size and thickness will be needed, and whether it will be necessary to cut the plate to fit a specific table. Rubber Sheet are sold in square meters or in sheets wound on rolls, and in these cases the price is fixed, but orders for a specific size are priced individually. The rubber plate for the workbench can be reinforced with spacers, which also affects the final price. For a shop selling boards for tables, the size of the order also matters.

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