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Epdm rubber profiles

Plastics, including epdm rubber, are an irreplaceable invention of the modern world. They have numerous advantages, they surround us every day, perfectly complementing everyday objects. In some cases, they replace materials such as wood, stone or metal elements. Among plastics, elastomers are of interest. These are rubber products made of silicone rubbers. They are characterized by high resistance to stretching, they are flexible, they are not damaged. These types of rubber profiles can be stretched ten times, and they still fulfill their function well, their structure is not affected. The properties of rubber products make them almost indispensable in everyday functioning.

The use of technical rubbers

Technical rubbers have a very wide range of application. This is due to their diversity. It would be difficult to function in today’s world without them. Rubber products are used in the production of tires, inner tubes, garden hoses and shoe soles. Most often, they are used to make rubber seals, which are used to seal doors and windows. What’s more, rubber profiles are used in household appliances, automotive, industry and plumbing installations. They are placed where two or more elements of the device or installation are connected. Their purpose is to maintain the pressure of a gas or a liquid. In practice, they prevent the leakage of liquids or gases into a room or inside other objects. Rubber profiles can be divided according to the material used, i.e. EPDM, SBR and NBR rubber. These are by far the most common. They differ in properties, but have one universal feature – durability. It is not only the tensile strength mentioned above among these products. Most chemical and physical factors do not affect them. Their design withstands high temperatures, but they differ in terms of resistance to temperature extremes and specific groups of substances.

Epdm rubber profile

EPDM rubber profiles – what are their most important properties?

All types of technical rubber are obtained from rubber during the vulcanization process. It looks very similar in each case. The method of bonding polymers is the same, but the chemical composition of various rubber profiles is not. EPDM rubber is a synthetic rubber that belongs to the group of elastomers, and EPDM itself is an abbreviation of the English name of the main component, i.e. ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer. The composition of epdm rubber profiles may include: carbon black, clay, technical oil, sulfur and stabilizers. These types of rubber profiles are characterized by excellent insulation against many factors. They are resistant to extremely high temperatures, moisture, vibrations and shocks. They do not react with chemically strong esters, acids, these products do not even react with highly corrosive substances. EPDM profiles do not deform, they are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and bad weather conditions. The listed advantages make this type of rubber products very widely used. They are most often used in construction and various industries. What’s more, EPDM is the only material from which window seals are made. It supplanted other products, and their price is slightly higher than that of other rubber products.

Short material characteristics – what distinguishes EPDM rubber profiles?

Often, other materials such as PVC, silicone or polyurethane are used as seals for doors and windows. Each of these products has distinct features.

PVC seals can only be used inside. They are not resistant to low temperatures, they shrink under their influence. Moreover, they are not durable.

Polyurethane gaskets are flexible and easy to install, just like rubber products. Most often equipped with a self-adhesive tape. However, they do not work well as seals used in windows that require full insulation.

Silicone gaskets adhere perfectly to the surfaces on which they are mounted. Unfortunately, their low flexibility causes them to deteriorate very quickly.

EPDM rubber profile is the newest and best way to seal doors and windows. This choice has many advantages: flexibility, quick installation, weather resistance. The rubber profile does not react to UV radiation and can therefore be used outdoors. It is a choice for the next few years. What’s more, EPDM profiles have a special air chamber that is not found in other products. As a result, this rubber profile conforms to the shape of the door and window frames. Choosing an EPDM rubber product is one of the best solutions. They are durable, efficient and effective.

EPDM rubber profile is small price and high quality.

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