Sealing of flat surfaces and pipe connections

Sealing of flat surfaces and pipe connections

Sealing products are helpful in many works, have a wide range of applications, therefore they will be useful to specialists from various industries. When there are no specific requirements for the sealant, you can opt for universal sealants for flat surfaces. They will be useful in many situations. Especially noteworthy is anaerobic adhesive, that is, one that freezes when the air supply is cut off. It then changes its state from liquid to solid. These types of adhesives are easy to use, and very importantly – they create reliable connections between surfaces or threads.

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Sealing products – types and operation

Sealing products flat surfaces , pipe connections and other elements tightly fill even small spaces, therefore the load is distributed over the entire connecting surface, and this prevents material fatigue. For this reason, the seals have a high tear resistance. These products are highly viscous, so they can be successfully used to connect larger leaks.

There are various products available on the market that differ in terms of their composition and properties. You can choose from: Solvent-free sealants that cure in a way anaerobic , i.e. cutting off the access of oxygen. The other kind is surface sealing that are in contact with high temperatures, such a product has a strength of up to 200 degrees Celsius. degrees. Depending on your needs, you can choose between easily removable sealants or, on the contrary, difficult to disassemble, the adhesive strength can also be selected: there are adhesives that provide weak, medium or strong connections. A distinction is also made between sealants for rigid elements or flexible seals. In addition, they ensure perfect tightness and protect against corrosion, they can also fill pits and traces of machining. Before buying, make sure what consistency of the sealant is, whether it is not dripping and whether it can be used on vertical surfaces and overhead. The method of application is also important, e.g. by means of a roller or by screen printing.

Other advantages of sealing preparations are: resistance to industrial chemicals, water, gas. This is an important property as contact with these substances is common in workshops. They are also characterized by high abrasion resistance, so you can be sure that, for example, thread sealing will be durable and the adhesive will not crumble unexpectedly. It also helps to stiffen and strengthen the connection. The setting time will vary depending on the particular sealant but is expected to occur within 15-60 minutes. Full strength is achieved much later, usually after 24 hours. Thermal resistance is significant, these products are characterized by resistance to temperature. from approx. -50 to 150 degrees degrees. A good quality anaerobic sealing product is resistant to high pressures and does not change its volume during use, so the joints do not become unsealed. The method of use is very easy. It is enough to apply a small amount of the preparation to one of the elements to be connected with the applicator, the other should be fixed in a rotary motion, if it is a thread, valve or screw. Before using the adhesive, the surfaces should be cleaned and degreased.

An interesting fact is that the German-American company Loctite was a pioneer in the development and marketing of anaerobic sealants.

Sealing products - types and operation

Application of sealing products

Glue anaerobic is a product that can be used in various ways, it is designed to seal threads, pins, nuts, flat surfaces and to fasten fitted connections. Thanks to adhesives and sealants, individual elements do not come loose. There are additional advantages to it resistance to vibrations, impacts and chemicals, which makes these products can be used during renovations, repairs or on production lines. What’s more, they have high resistance to oils, fuels, cooling substances and liquids, i.e. substances often used in workshops or in production, thanks to this property they can be an invaluable help in these workplaces. They can be used to repair machines and mechanical devices. They are suitable for use with steel, copper, brass and aluminum, among others. The metal acts as a catalyst. In many cases, sealing is concerned flat surfaces and pipe connections, but these are not the only applications. Adhesives and sealants can also be used in the case of internal combustion engines, gears, flanges or vertical dividing surfaces. They are often used to seal threads. In addition, you can seal valves, metering devices and other components, regardless of their position. Anaerobic adhesive It is selected for securing and sealing pipe connections and threads, sealing surfaces, filling gaps, seating bearings, bushings, gears, as well as for quick repairs.

Important information about the product is its intended use. Please read the description provided by the manufacturer carefully as some products are designed only for certain types of materials. This is indicated by the name of the glue. Some sealants can only be used to bond metal. Here, a lot also depends on the type of metal. Rapid hardening occurs with copper and brass, but the strength is lower than with structural steel. You also need to check the maximum width of the gap that the product can fill. Here, the dimensions are different, they are approx. 0.05-0.3 mm, and for some products even 0.5 mm.

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