Silicone profiles

Silicone profiles

We open and close doors, open and close windows every day, and most of us do it both at home and in our car. But how is it that with a little more force nothing happened to these items? The answer to this question are silicone profiles. They protect the fragments sensitive to damage and are responsible for the safety of their use. Silicone profiles are very common in use, so it is no wonder that many types are created, and manufacturers try to adapt to even the most difficult customer requirements.

Silicone profiles – shapes

As silicone products such as profiles are common in use, many shapes can be distinguished, each of which has a different application. For this reason, the offer includes, among others, silicone profiles such as:

  • O with a hole
  • D are primarily used as a door guard. They are primarily used for self-assembly, so they are made of silicone plates with a low hardness, about 20 Shore A. As a result, the silicone adapts perfectly to the surface and fills the gaps.
  • D with a hole
  • belt
  • AT
  • P.
  • H, which are most often used to seal windows. They have several tasks, mainly they affect thermal insulation, which limits heat loss inside the building, as well as limiting the penetration of moisture and noise reduction. Usually made of white silicone plates. They fulfill their role perfectly because they are resistant to solar radiation and harmful environmental conditions, such as moisture, water vapor and dust. White silicone has a very flexible temperature range, is characterized by high hardness in a wide range, from 40 to 90 degrees Shore A, and is resistant to frequent opening and closing of the window. The universal color blends well with the color of the window.
  • rectangular
  • square

However, these are not the only variants available, as silicone products can be adapted to individual customer needs. Silicone is a graceful material from which many different shapes can be made, depending on the design. The basic methods of obtaining different shapes of silicone are vulcanization and gluing. However, you need to be careful when making profiles by gluing, because gluing silicone is hard work, and the use of inappropriate glue for this may increase the risk of tearing the material.

What are silicone profiles made of?

As the name suggests, silicone profiles are made of silicone – however, it is worth taking a closer look at the issue to understand why this material is best suited for this type of gasket.

Due to its properties, silicone is used wherever the material must meet the highest material requirements. Its structure consists of silicon and oxygen atoms, which makes it very durable and resistant to mechanical damage, including tearing, abrasion and tearing. It is also important that it does not deform, therefore silicone products are used where even high forces occur. It is also a material resistant to all adverse conditions, not only atmospheric but also environmental.

First of all, you should start by dividing the silicone into two groups: solid silicone and sponge silicone. Both can be used to make silicone profiles, but they differ in structure. Solid silicone has a compact structure, it is stiffer and more compact. Sponge silicone is formed when hydrogen gas is formed during the foam production process, which causes air bubbles to form inside the material. For this reason, silicone profiles made of sponge silicone are lighter and more flexible than those made of solid silicone.

blue rubber gasket

Silicone profiles – advantages

As silicone has many properties valued in the industry, profiles made of it have the same advantages. These include, but are not only:

  • very high flexibility and compressibility as well as resistance to compression, crushing and tearing
  • silicone profiles show high resistance to extreme temperatures ranging from -60 to +250 and even +300 degrees Celsius
  • resistance to UV and infrared radiation
  • ozone resistance
  • excellent electrical insulation
  • non-flammability
  • chemical indifference and physiological harmlessness
  • easy to keep clean
  • resistance to all kinds of greases and oils

Compared to profiles made of other rubbers, the silicone ones are much better. Are definitely much more durable and resistant to various substances, unfavorable conditions, radiation. In addition, silicone profiles are used even in places where there is contact with food, because silicone products very often have certificates of the National Institute of Hygiene and the Food and Drug Administration. In addition, silicone profiles are characterized by a very wide range of Shore A hardness, thanks to which they can be selected for various applications, in which they will work great. In addition, the tear and tensile strength is very useful even in homes when used as protection for doors and windows.

Few people realize that the use of such seals in windows is the best choice, because silicone profiles are resistant to frequent opening and closing of windows, they are not damaged by ozone present in the air, they easily let gases through, which ensures adequate ventilation of the room and prevents accumulation of moisture, which can cause mold and fungi harmful to health, and you do not have to worry about weather conditions – silicone profiles are resistant to UV solar radiation and precipitation. Silicone products combine the best features of products made of other rubbers.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the standard dimensions and types of silicone profiles, you can easily get other profiles. It is not a problem to make a profile for individual customer orders, even based on a hand-made drawing.

Where are silicone profiles used?

Wherever you need products with specific parameters that will be resistant to all adversities from weather and environmental conditions, and where high demands are placed on the products, silicone profiles will be perfect. You have to start with the industry, because it is where they most often find their application – mainly for various types of machines, securing them. If they are made of silicone products with all valid approvals, they will also be suitable for cold stores and drying rooms in the food industry, e.g. in butcheries. They can also be used in hospital rooms, diagnostic laboratories or in rooms where work with medications takes place.

However, diverging from the industry, silicone profiles are even an indispensable element in every safe home. It is this type of seal that absorbs shocks and protects, first of all, small children from harming themselves, but also other people from accidental injuries.

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