SBR rubber granule sandwich surfaces

SBR rubber granule sandwich surfaces

Synthetic sandwich panels have been appearing on the Polish market for many years, and yet from year to year they find a growing group of supporters. This is due to the constant variety of the offer and better adaptation of the properties of the materials to the current needs of the customer. Black granules SBR is a type of synthetic rubber rubber, which is characterized by comparable elasticity to its natural original, but enriched with higher abrasion resistance. It is often used as a kind of sandwich surface for playgrounds, terraces or outdoor sports and recreational areas.

Sandwich panels made of SBR granules – characteristics

SBR black rubber granules are a synthetic material with low susceptibility to temperature fluctuations and weather conditions such as rain or frost. This makes it happy to be used as a paving for outdoor objects. The flexibility of this rubber plastic, close to EPDM rubber and durability, means that many people build gyms from it or lay out sidewalks and paths for runners, in order to ensure greater safety for users. It is used in a variety of industries combined with sports, entertainment, rehabilitation and general recreation. High-quality surfaces made of SBR rubber granules are an effective solution for both individual and business customers. Rubber granule sandwich panels can be used to finish a variety of spaces, such as nurseries, kindergartens, schools, public playgrounds and outdoor gyms. Also used as a place of sleepers for attractions on the playground type:

  • Slides
  • Carousels
  • Swings

They can appear as black, red, green, or even pink or blue slabs. To be manufactured according to your needs in POWER Rubber. It is worth noting that black granules is the cheapest option.


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Why use SBR rubber granule surfaces?

There are many advantages of using rubber granulate material, which can be seen from the number of satisfied customers. More and more entrepreneurs and construction companies are opting for this type of synthetic material for economic reasons. SBR is a big saving while maintaining the right quality. In the form of a sandwich plate made of rubber granules, it is a stable, but flexible surface, which effectively reduces the risk of painful abrasions and other injuries by falls or tripping. The characteristic structure and drainage system of rubber granules makes the plates dry quickly,compared to other well-known plastics. This factor also prevents the formation of puddles. Rubber granules formed into a sandwich board are gently porous and thus also meet the non-slip properties. This is especially important for young children and active runners. In addition, the whole is relatively soft and pleasant to the touch, which makes it possible to walk on the ground bareback. The complex SBR polymer and the plates created from it are easy to keep clean, and most often they are purified with water alone. All this makes planning the construction of a new facility for outdoor recreation or the renovation of a children’s playground, you can consider sandwich panels of rubber granules. One of the most popular epdm disc colors is:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Blue

In addition, the black color is the basic variant of the rubber board made of EPDM mixture, which is why they are offered at a lower price.


What are the advantages of rubber granules?

There are many reasons why SBR rubber granules are worth trying. Among the most important, in addition to the aforementioned, is also their huge variety. Granulate sandwich panels are already available in a variety of colours, giving you a lot more space arrangement options. The classic black SBR is very popular, but many shops and wholesalers or online stores also offer red, green and navy blue. All are resistant to abrasion, tearing and temperature fluctuations from -30 st. up to +70 st. Degrees. Maintaining the continuity of its rubber structure, the plate does not undergo permanent deformations, thanks to which the sandwich surfaces made of rubber granules can be used for many years.

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