PVC Floor Tiles

Flooring for the workshop

Flooring for the workshop is the key to maintaining order and ensuring safety. Tiles made of a thick, homogeneous layer of high-quality PVC material are an excellent solution for anyone who wants to have a solid floor in a car service or garage. When choosing a floor for a car workshop, you need to put a lot of emphasis on its parameters. Specialized floors are resistant to mechanical loads (compression, abrasion, crushing) and damage caused by leaks in water, oil, motor fuel or petroleum-based substances. Concrete, tile floor or painted floor cannot be easily kept clean. It also does not provide good insulation against cold and is not resistant to consumables (brake fluids, lubricants). Powerfloor floors are designed for durability and intensive use, while maintaining an aesthetic appearance.

Advantages of using floors for the workshop

Thousands of professional services, car workshops and private customers (garage, boiler room) have already benefited from functional workshop floors. If you are wondering what floor should be in your workshop, check out what are the characteristics of workshop floors made of durable PVC material.


Durability and insulation

Unlike traditional workshop floors (e.g. ceramic tiles), the workshop floor is made of durable and impact-resistant PVC material. It withstands heavy loads (vehicles, lifts, stands) and at the same time looks aesthetically pleasing. It provides more insulation than concrete, providing more heat and protection from cold. The workshop floor made of PVC is characterized by high strength squeezing, abrasion, stretching, bending and crushing.


Cushions falls and reduces noise

It is important that when dropped, the pavement in the garage or workshop protects mechanical and electrical tools from damage. Concrete does not have such properties. A great advantage of industrial flooring made of PVC is noise reduction.


Chemical resistance

The specialized surface is made of a thick, single-layer (homogeneous) layer made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which provides very high chemical resistance. Workshop floors are resistant to brake and cooling fluids, oil, fuel, lubricants, petroleum-based substances.


Fire resistance

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) hard is a material that has a low reaction to fire. This type of flooring is characterized by a low rate of heat dissipation, so it does not contribute to the increase in fire. It also has self-extinguishing properties, which makes it a safe material for indoor use.


Non-slip properties

The floors for the workshop are not completely flat. Thanks to their diverse structure, they exhibit non-slip properties that minimize the risk of slipping or falling.


Easy to clean and maintain

The surface is kept clean without the use of special cleaning agents. This type of substrate also reduces the amount of dust deposited on it.


Easy to install

Specialized floors for the workshop and garage can be easily glued and combined. Their installation is easy and does not require much preparation of the substrate, and maintenance is carried out smoothly. Damage to the floor is repairable and any upgrade is not time-consuming, runs smoothly and allows further operation for several hours. The floor is versatile and can be easily disassembled or re-postponed if necessary.


Wide range of textures and colors

Thanks to the variety of colors and structures, you can fully control the final appearance of the workshop surface. Consider laying darker tiles at the place where you park your car to avoid possible visible stains on the floor.


industrial flooring powerfloor blackYou can buy industrial floors for the workshop here

Good to know

The workshop floor is specially designed to meet its versatile properties in car repair workshops, diagnostic stations, professional service stations, in a backyard workshop, garage or places where there is heavy traffic of pedestrians or vehicles. PVC tiles are flexible and withstand high pressure. In strategic places that will be extremely loaded, it is worth gluing the floor. Thanks to this, even intensive use of the surface will be characterized by a long service life.

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