Kalrez® types

If you are looking for an efficient seal that works more efficiently in a demanding working environment compared to other elastomers, Kalrez® o-rings made of perfluor rubber (FFKM) will be an excellent solution. Thanks to their physical properties, they are designed for applications exposed to long-term aggressive chemicals and high temperatures while maintaining the elasticity of the rubber. Different types of these seals are used in the chemical industry (pumps, mechanical valves, gaskets), aerospace industry (gasses, membranes), analytical and measurement equipment, food and pharmaceutical industry (according to FDA), extractive industry (gas and oil), semiconductor industry.


FFKM – What is it?

It is a perfluor rubber that offers excellent resistance to gas and liquid penetration, a wide temperature range (from -55°C to +330°C) and excellent chemical resistance. This type of rubber is resistant to adverse weather conditions and ozone. It has self-extinguishing and non-combustible properties in contact with air. The material is characterized by good mechanical properties. FFKM rubber seals are resistant to oil, mineral lubricants, gasoline, diesel, silicone oils and lubricants. FFKM material has properties similar to PTFE (polytettrafluoroethylene). It is designed for the most demanding working environment (energy industry, semiconductor industry). FFKM rubber in contact with fluorine solvents may slightly swell. It degrades in applications that come into contact with molten or gaseous alkaline metals. FDA (Food and Drug Administartion) perfluor rubber seals are also available on the market and can be used with the food industry (including beverages) and pharmaceuticals.



FKM is a fluoride rubber, while FFKM is a perfluor rubber that contains higher amounts of fluoride. Compared to FKM, perfluoor rubber is characterized by better chemical resistance. It also offers a wider range of operating temperatures (up to about 330°C). FFKM is used in the most demanding applications. Rubber cords with FKM are distinguished by m.in. low coefficient of permanent deformation, excellent resistance to acids (phosphate, hydrochloric, nitric, sulfuric) and hydraulic fluids (HFD). In contact with hot water, concentrated organic acids or glycol-based brake fluids, FKM rubber cords are damaged.


Orings Kalrez® – Properties

Kalrez® are elastomeric seals designed for demanding applications such as high temperature and resistance to a wide range of chemicals. Orings made of FFKM differ in hardness, which, together with the low coefficient of friction, increases. They come in several variants, depending on the application and requirements. The following are the basic physical properties of perfluor rubber o-rings, which are used m.in. in the chemical industry and hydrocarbon processing.

  • high chemical resistance (for more than 1800 different chemicals)
  • stability at high temperatures up to 327°C
  • have a low permeation rate
  • slight susceptibility to swelling (squeezing sealing elements from grooves can lead to their failure)
  • some compounds are resistant to permanent deformation
  • high mechanical properties
  • are resistant to acids
  • can be used for both static and dynamic applications
  • suitable for vacuum applications
  • combines PTFE properties with rubber elasticity

Standard seals

Kalrez® 6375

Black rubber seals with a hardness of 75 ShA (Shore scale type A), characterized by excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, showing very good mechanical properties and resistant to aging in contact with hot air. It is compatible in contact with ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, hot steam. It also offers resistance to high temperatures (up to 275°C), acids, arses and amine. Compound 6375 is intended for general use (o-rings, gaskets, membranes) in the chemical industry.


Kalrez® 7075

Kalrez® 7075 is a blend that exhibits improved physical properties and maintains a high sealing force. It is resistant to compression set. The material is characterized by sealing performance in dynamic applications where a low coefficient of friction is required. Kalrez® 7075 products are intended for use in the chemical and hydrocarbon industry. Increased thermal resistance ensures efficient sealing at a maximum operating temperature of 327°C. Compared to Kalrez® 4079, the material, in addition to improved elastomeric properties, provides better chemical resistance.


Kalrez® 4079

High quality sealing rings with FFKM in black, which are characterized by a low coefficient for permanent deformation. They are resistant to very high temperatures (up to 316°C, short-term jumps to higher temperatures) and have a hardness of 75 ShA (Shore scale type A). The material is designed for general applications (o-rings, gaskets), as well as in the aerospace and process industries. Kalrez® 4079 is a compound that offers very good mechanical properties, chemical resistance, resistance to aging in contact with hot air. It also has resistance to extreme temperature spikes, swelling in organic and inorganic acids and aldehydes, and offers a low permeation rate. Kalrez® 4079 is not compatible in contact with steam and hot water, as well as with some hot aliphatic amnes, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide.


Special seals

Kalrez® Spectrum™ 6380

Sealing rings are used in static and dynamic applications. Orings 6380 have a cream color and their hardness is 80 ShA (Shore scale type A). They offer resistance to aggressive amine and strong chemical oxidants. Thanks to the general chemical resistance, rubber orings are used in the chemical industry. The recommended maximum continuous operating temperature is 225°C (short-term jumps to higher temperatures are allowed).


Kalrez® Spectrum™ 7090

Orings made of FFKM, thanks to their resistance to extrusion at high temperatures, are used m.in. Chemical. The rubber elements in black are made of a mixture with a hardness of 90 ShA (Shore scale type A). Oringi Kalrez® Spectrum™ 7090 are suitable for static and dynamic applications. They offer resistance to very high temperatures (up to 325°C), as well as mechanical properties including m.in. maintenance of the sealing force. Such orings provide rapid gas decompression (RDG) and also show stability for cyclic temperature changes.


Kalrez® 0090

Products made of perfluor rubber 0090 are used in the mining industry (oil and gas). O-rings are black in color, characterized by high hardness (90 ShA) and resistance to a wide range of chemicals. The material is resistant to extrusion and rapid gas decompression (RGD). The operating temperature is up to 250°C. 0090 seals are also used in industrial equipment (valves, pumps). Certified by NORSOK M-710.


Kalrez® Spectrum™ 0040

Black rubber orings used in the chemical industry, offering very good resistance to low temperatures ranging from -42°C. Compared to other seals made of perfluor rubber, Kalrez® Spectrum™ 0040 provides a strong sealing force and retains flexibility in the temperature range from -42°C to +220°C.


Kalrez® 1050LF

Rubber elements in black made of FFKM designed for use in the chemical industry. Orings perfectly cope with water vapour, hot water and show resistance to amine. The maximum operating temperature of this type of seal is 288°C. O-ring 1050LF offers a good compression set. It degrades in contact with organic and inorganic acids at high temperatures.

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Industrial seals

Kalrez® 1058

The seal has similar chemical resistance as Kalrez® 1050LF. The maximum operating temperature is 260°C. Oringi 1058 offer high sealing force, very good extensibility (plasticized with perfluoric oil), which is why they are most often used for sealing relief valve and pipe sockets.


Kalrez® 3018

Orings made of FFKM in black with a hardness of 91 ShA (Shore scales type A). The seal is resistant in applications that come into contact with steam and hot water. Thanks to their properties, including high pressure extrusion resistance and chemical resistance, they are used in the extractive (oil and gas) and processing industries. The maximum operating temperature is 220°C.


Kalrez® 2035

Excellent chemical resistance, very good mechanical properties, maximum operating temperature of 220°C – these are the advantages of this type of seal. Oringi Kalrez® 2035 has a wide range of applications (semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical transport). The material shows a low swelling in organic and inorganic acids, as well as with ketones, esters and aldehydes. Suitable for applications that come into contact with ethylene oxide and propylene oxide.


Kalrez® 2037

The material offers properties such as: excellent chemical resistance, good mechanical properties, low swelling in organic and inorganic acids and aldehydes, ketones and estrach. High-quality rubber orings 2037 are used m.in. in the semiconductor industry, in the pharmaceutical industry, in applications that require high hygiene and cleanliness. The recommended maximum operating temperature is 218°C.


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