welding mats

Rubber mats for welding stations

Rubber mats for welding stations are nothing more than fire-resistant rubber mats. They are needed, for example, in welding plants where the prevailing conditions endanger the health and life of workers, and specialist safeguards are therefore needed. Additional advantages of mats are that they are non-slip and anti-semitism, which improves the comfort of work.

Rubber mats for welding stations – properties

The most important property of the welding mat is the flammability. It is resistant to fire, falling sparks and high temperature welding gases. Mats are produced from high-quality rubber, often consist of two layers of material. The top layer is made of PVC, has a rough surface, so it reduces the risk of slipping. The bottom layer is a foam, having anti-wear properties, thanks to which the work is more convenient. These products do not destroy at temperatures from 0 st. up to 40-60 st. Celsius, so they can be used in different conditions, such as in production halls. Rubber mats for workstations have a number of other advantages for comfort and safety. They are characterized by m.in. extremely strong against mechanical damage, abrasion and bursting, so they protect the surface on which they are laid from damage. What’s more, rubber mats are easy to clean, so keeping your workplace tidy doesn’t take much time or effort. The black color is also used to maintain the aesthetic effect, because it does not show dark dirt. Manufacturers usually choose to have the edges of the mats phased, and this significantly reduces the risk of tripping over the edges of the mat. Mats can be sold in different forms, manufacturers offer mats of specific dimensions, in a roll, sold on current meters or on individual orders cut carpets.

welding mats

Here you will find welding rubber mats

Types of welding liners

Available on the market rubber mats differ in dimensions, thickness, workmanship material. The weight of the product is also variable, depending on the given parameters. The mat can be selected in almost any format, while the thickness is usually approx. 12 mm, the standard color offered is black. The classification of mats is made on the basis of the raw materials used in the production. These are mixtures of gums, sometimes with additives, e.g. nitrile.

Use of rubber mats

Rubber mats for welding stations can be laid on the floor, at the work table, or on the countertop, on the workstation. All industrial environments should be protected by this type of carpeting and, above all, welding, locksmithing and other high temperature stations. The mats acquire non-slip properties thanks to their rugged structure, so they are ideal for welding stations where it is easy to have an accident at work if the conditions are not safe enough for workers. They can be used intensively without fear because they are made of high quality materials. Moreover, the anti-fatigue properties of the mats make the workers standing on them for several hours feel less fatigue. Standing is more convenient than without carpeting. The mat does not require special means of installation, it does not need to be glued or nailed, it can be laid on the floor. Universal black color fits any environment.

Where to buy welding mats?

Rubber mats for securing welding stations are sold in our stationary store. The purchase can also be made in the onlinestore, which for many reasons is a more convenient option. You can find welding rubber mats of different sizes. Examples of dimensions are 60×90 cm, 90×150 cm, 90×183 cm. It is also often possible to trim the product to the dimension specified by the customer. The lead time depends on the availability of the product, while the shipping price is affected by m.in. weight of the carpet.

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