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Orings for water filters

Water filter seals are usually rings with a circular cross-section, i.e. orings. Before placing the seal in the filter, lubricate it with grease that is not displaced by water, e.g. technical cylinder or silicate grease. Thanks to such a procedure, we will prevent the gasket from stretching when inserted into the filter bodies. Click to edit translation In addition, we will protect it from premature degradation. Oring seal is the best choice from a range of products for sealing devices such as aquafilter.

Types of aquafilters in which orings are used.

Pitcher filter

Used to purify drinking water. The manufacturer declares thatthis type of aquafilter purifies water from calcium ions (this prevents the deposition of stone in the kettle), chlorine and heavy metals. These products are available with a filter consumption indicator. On the website, the manufacturer states that the price of such a product fluctuates within 30 PLN.

Narurov filter

The place of this product is located at the main valve. Such filters are used to clean water from sand or rust in all taps in the house. It eliminates only a large amount of contamination. When the filter becomes clogged, pull it out, rinse it, check that the seal is in place and re-mount it to the bodies. When added to the basket, the price is about 60 PLN.

Free-standing filter

Products of this type are connected directly to the battery spout and placed on the kitchen counter near the sink. The manufacturer adds a valve fitting and a gasket (oring) sothat water that has already been filtered does not have tobe wasted on, e.g. washing dishes. The price given by the page after adding the product to the shopping cart is about 80 PLN.

Activated carbon filter

It is best to mount them right in front of the bactericidal lamp. They are responsible for one of the last degrees of filtration. The name of the product shall be taken from the active carbon content. Thanks to it, water tastes much better, removes the unpleasant smell of chlorine and yellow coloration. After adding filters to the shopping cart on the site, we will see a price of about 50 PLN.

Sub-sink filter (second product name, sub-sink filter)

Aquafilter consists of two or three bodies and gaskets and filter cartridges (sedimentation, purifying water from mechanical and carbon contaminants). The manufacturer supplies the equipment with all the parts needed for assembly. The information that the manufacturer provides on the site after adding the Filter to the shopping cart shows that the price of the product is about 150 PLN.

Water filtered from the well.

Water from its own source, like a well, most often contains an excessive amount of manganese and iron. This water is characterized by high hardness. Due to the excessive number of compounds that we mentioned earlier, he leaves traces on the devices in the bathroom, e.g. bath, toilet seat paddling pool. This can cause the seal to crack and overgrow the pipe stone. Therefore, if you have already decided on water from your own source, it is worth stocking up on products such as aquafilter. The manufacturer proposes two basic types of filters.


The name of the product is taken from the function of this aquafilter. Before purchasing and adding this filter to your shopping cart, the manufacturer recommends that you first contact us, e.g. by e-mail with the company from which we will buy the device. Thanks to the use of cookies and the information they collect, you can give the customer expert advice. Any site where we find such filters or seals dedicated to them can come to our aid. The company should determine the types of deposit and the size of the device. The specialist will take into account all components such as gaskets that will be used for installation. It will analyze the water under the account of the composition and its consumption by the household. When added to the cart, the price is 1800 PLN.


The most popular model is a single-column softener due to the fact that it does not require much space for installation. There are also site with devices of this type offers this type of two-column aquafilter. The effect of the softeners is controlled by an automatic head, so the control is not difficult. When ionic resin is no longer able to accept more calcium ions, it’s time to regenerate it. For this, a saline solution should be prepared, with which we will rinse the resin. The calcium solution rinsed from it will be drained into the sewer. It is important to check whether the gasket has not been tampered with the price of such a device ranges from 1900 PLN.

Multifunction filter

They reduce the hardness level achieved by water, remove iron, manganese, nitrogen compounds and mechanical impurities from it. Therefore, it can be said that it has a wide spectrum of action. All thanks to a specially selected composition of the deposits. Regeneration of filters is carried out periodically with salt tablets. After each cleaning, check that the seal is in place.

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