Manufacturer of rubber seals

Production of rubber sealsThe basic element found in all kinds of devices and machines are dedicated seals. They are aimed at maintaining a higher level of tightness of given devices and the medium contained in it – most often they are oils, greases, gases and other liquids and other substances.

Production of rubber seals

We offer custom-made rubber seals available from many elastomers, therefore POWER Rubber solutions can be found in many sectors. Our rubber rings can be found in the heavy industry, armaments, petrochemical industries, but also in everyday applications. Here we are talking about the use in agricultural machines or high pressure presses. The offer allows for use with high pressures, thanks to a well-developed machine park.

Manufacturer of technical seals

Having the right machinery park, we have become a leading manufacturer of technical seals. We offer productions for every size and production from any rubber mixture. Our rubber products are available in an oil-resistant variant (most often made of nitrile rubber – NBR rubber or a fluorine mixture FKM, or FPM – commonly known as Viton®), in a variant resistant to sunlight and UV rays – made of EPDM rubber, as well as made of a mixture resistant to high temperatures – we call it: silicone gaskets.

Manufacturer of POWER Rubber products

An experienced team and the latest technology allow us to meet the needs of our clients. We offer broadly understood services of cutting rubber and cutting out dedicated shapes. And so we can boast of several of our projects.

Silicone sealsProduction of silicone gaskets

As already mentioned, we offer a wide range of seals production. The production of silicone gaskets is also included in our offer. Flat gaskets, O-rings and sealing rings with a rectangular and square cross-section made of VMQ and MVQ, i.e. a silicone compound are available.

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