Neoprene gum

Neoprene is nothing more than chloroprene rubber or chloroprene polymer. Thanks to its high strength and resistance to various factors, it is readily used in the wider industry. A useful feature of this product is the water resistance and high resistance to abrasion and stretching, so the rubber very well protects against mechanical damage. It is not adversely affected by weather conditions, so it can be used outdoors during any season. The temperature range at which it can be used is from -40 st. up to 110 st. Celsius, some models for a short time up to 130 st, because it is difficult to burn. Neoprene is resistant to wear, aging and airing, so it is very well suited for places where circumstances are demanding and equipment must be durable and hard. A big advantage that makes neoprene rubber willing to use is resistance to many chemicals such as diluted acids and bases, paraffin-based mineral oils, lubricants, freon, ammonia or alcohols and glycols. Thanks to the fact that neoprene rubber has high resistance to oils and fuels, it can be used to protect the workstation in workshops, services, production plants, wherever the above mentioned substances are used. However, it should be remembered that neoprene has low resistance to concentrated acids and alkali, benzene, solvents – acetone, esters, ketones. Neoprene products protect the stand from permanent dirt, damage from scratches and cracks, and also makes the work itself more comfortable due to the protection against slipping and the silencing of loud sounds. A very good opinion about chloroprene rubber is due to the fact that it is more durable than natural rubber. Its hardness norm in Shorea in about 65 ShA.

sbr plate with spacer
The highest somehow neoprene rubber plates can be found here.

Due to the properties described above, neoprene rubber is often used in industry, light and heavy. It is successfully used in electronics, automotive, food and agriculture. The very good effectiveness of chloroprene rubber makes it produced many different utility products, e.g. sports or for rehabilitation. It is often made of mats, washers, linings, seals. It has non-slip and anti-vibration properties, so neoprene components can be used to equip offices or production halls. They provide safety, dampen vibrations and noise, resulting in better working conditions. The treated neoprene, thanks to which it is flexible and provides thermal protection, is used in the production of protective clothing for water sports and diving suits. Resistance to oils, acids and very good mechanical strength is a strong plus of neoprene rubber, thanks to which it is so popular in so many industries. It is not destroyed exposed to ozone or to various weather conditions. Neoprene is flame resistant, so it can have short-term contact with fire or other heat source. The rubber is available in the form of rolls or in plates, there are different thicknesses and dimensions of the product to choose from. Exact specifications vary depending on the specific product, its intended purpose and the manufacturer. The same applies to the price of the goods.

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