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The materials used on a large scale in Poland include rubber profiles and gaskets . In each city, you can meet the right professionals who sell this type of product, especially Warsaw is the leader. When choosing a store, it should be a proven place where specialists, depending on the needs, can make an individual order. Rubber is a common material, and silicone and rubber products should be sourced from leading manufacturers. It should not be forgotten that they must meet all approvals and standards, especially when the products are intended for the food industry.

What materials are rubber profiles made of?

The most commonly used materials are SBR, NBR and EPDM. They differ in their properties and resistance to chemicals. Less popular materials are NR- natural rubber, CR- chloroprene rubber, FKM- fluoro rubber, MVQ- silicone gaskets and PU- polyurethane. Rubber products are made of various types of materials, custom-made blends are often used for this purpose. Rubber seals are used in many industries. Their color and hardness depends on the ordering party. The range for hardness is 25 to 90o Sh. They are a universal product with technical parameters at the highest level. However, they should be appropriately adjusted in terms of use.

Selection of rubber seals – what to consider?

Warsaw is a big city and the seals have different technical parameters. The choice of products is endless. That is why it is so important to determine what kind of seals will be used and what substances will act on them. Rubber has several components that affect its parameters. When choosing articles, pay attention to:

-resistance to oils, greases, irritating chemicals;

-acid resistance;

-the range of temperatures in which they can be used;

-resistance to mechanical factors;

-resistance to UV radiation, electrostaticity, resilience, etc.

We sell rubber and silicone profiles, please contact us.

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