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Rubber linings for elevator

Each of us at least once in our lives took advantage of the elevator. They are already so popular that no one is surprised by their presence in the blocks, much less in office buildings. Elevators are common enough that it is a difficult task to imagine a building (especially a corporation) without them. Since these are, in a certain way, rooms where a large number of people often gather in a short time, and much more are scrolling throughout the day, elevators must be properly built.

First of all, when moving the elevator, we care about our own safety, but we will also pay attention to its appearance. Because elevators can get dirty very quickly, for example on a rainy day, they should have elements to help keep them clean and maintain hygiene standards. One of these solutions is the rubber linings for the lift,which ensure both safety and easy cleanliness.

What are rubber linings for elevators?

Rubber linings and mats are products (usually of different length, thickness and width of the roller) made of solid rubber or other rubber, the task of which is to ensure the safety of elevator users, while maintaining the highest quality and low abrasion. Rubber linings are adapted to the dimension of the lift, so that they do not move and do not endanger the safety of users.

Molet rubber linings for elevator

A specific variety in which there are mats made of rubber are molet linings. They usually come in black, but they can also be found in other varieties – it all depends on what color the roll will order the customer. Rubber linings moletfor elevator are characterized by special stripes, which are primarily designed to prolong the durability of the mat, because through the striation its abrasion significantly decreases. In addition, these stripes increase the non-slip properties of such a rubber liner, as all liquids, such as rain brought on the soles of shoes, gather between them and prevent accidental falls on a slippery surface. The use of this solution significantly prolongs the process of abrasion and aging of the material, which is still of really high quality from the beginning.

Molet rubber lining – application

In addition to the elevator, rubber mats are used in a variety of places. They can be used to line rooms, machines, vehicles, corridors, public buildings, primarily because of the non-slip properties and the highest quality material from which the carpet is made, which ensure safety of use.

Rubber linings for elevator – parameters

In order for rubber mats to perform their task, they must be products of the highest quality. These are our rubber linings for elevators. Of course, each roll differs in dimension and related parameters such as colors, length, thickness and width. Rollers used as rubber lining for elevators can be 1200 – 1500 mm wide, 3 mm thick (most popular), 4 mm or 5 mm and length between 5 m and 10 m. Thanks to the flexibility that the roll dimension can achieve, each customer is able to find a product that meets all his expectations, even if custom parameters are needed.

What can rubber linings be made of for the elevator?

In addition to the fact that the rubber lining for the elevator can have different dimensions, it can also be made of several types of rubber. SBR, NBR and EPDM mats are used for the most commonly used materials in production. How do they differ?

  • SBR rubber lining made of SBR rubber is primarily resistant to various forces, making it difficult to wipe off and damage deeper layers
  • Rubber lining made of NBR guarantees resistance to all kinds of oils, lubricants, alcohols or hydraulic fluids, so it is easy to clean without worrying about violating its structure
  • EPDM rubber lining is resistant to most corrosive substances, moisture and shock are not terrible, making it difficult to produce any deformities on it

Rubber Liner in Grey Coins

Here youwill find rubber carpets – the price surprises

In order for rubber linings to be put into service, they must be properly tested. The carpet is intended to ensure safety during its use, so it is required that all carpets meet the ISO 9001:2009 standard, which guarantees high product quality.

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