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Technical seals They are used in many industries, they are used especially as an element of machines such as excavators, cranes or cars or trucks. These elements are designed to protect the machines against damage, but most of all they enable the maintenance of vehicles. Traps dust and dirt that could enter the engine and damage it. They are very often used as sealing elements for power hydraulics . They can not be missing in construction and automotive, but many other specializations also use them.

Kinds technical seals there’s a whole lot. Basic, widely used sealing rings for rotary shafts, the so-called Rotary Shaft Seals . Another type are O-rings, i.e. round elements. There are also piston, rotary and symmetrical seals on the market, as well as abutment, scraper or guide rings. Each sealing product should be made of high-quality materials, incl. made of polyurethane, polyamide or silicone or mixtures of different materials. Its parameters depend on the type and purpose of the product. They differ in terms of resistance to temperature, chemicals, sizes and shapes. Use seals is very important because they prevent the failure of machines and devices. Sealing parts protect the machines against dust that could harm the engine, chemicals or gases. Rubber products for industry are resistant to petroleum derivatives and ozone. They are also resistant to very low and very high temperatures.

As specialists of technical seals , we are able to meet your expectations regarding the above-mentioned products. We encourage you to use the services of our company, tel:

Where to buy technical seals – Warsaw

Seals for various applications can be purchased in DIY stores or smaller stationary stores with an industrial assortment. You can also place an order online, in an online store or by phone, for example, when you need specialist advice. We offer professional advice and matching materials to individual needs. Please contact us by phone number. or fax. The necessary data can be found in the “Contact” tab, inquiries can be sent to us by phone or e-mail. In order to order seals for industry, production or technical applications, please contact us by phone, e-mail or fax. We have products necessary at work and we provide services at a high level. We are a company specialized in production technical seals – check for yourself, Power Rubber Warsaw

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