Wall protectors for garage

Sometimes it happens that someone pushes too hard or simply opens the car door, which without protection can actually have a negative impact not only on the car itself, but also on the condition of the walls in the garage. If you are looking for the right product to help protect this space, a car door protector will be an ideal solution. This element will significantly extend the life of the car and will keep it without any scratches or dents caused by inadvertent impact. It is worth to stock up on such a poultry in advance.

Car door protector fender – characteristics

The scratched car definitely loses a lot of its appearance and even despite its full efficiency and tempts to fix it. However, before you start repairing the resulting damage, you can try counteracting it. The door protector is originally made of several layers of fault-tolerantpolyethylene foam. This material provides resistance to deformation and dents. At the same time, however, this material retains its elasticity and softness. Thanks to this, it still performs well as a wall protector, while not taking up parking space at the same time. The popular dimensions of 50 x 10 x 1.5 cm usually fit perfectly into any garage and, once properly assembled, fit perfectly into the shape of the car door. There are also larger editions of 50 x 20 x 2 cm. Easy installation is undoubtedly one of the characteristics and most important for this type of products. The inner side is self-adhesive, which makes it very easy and easy to put the fender on your door protector in any place of your choice. They are available in black and yellow to hang on the garage wall, so that they are even more visible. This is especially useful when parking backwards or in unfavorable light conditions that limit visibility. Then the contrasting stripes will work perfectly. Following the latest trends set by pioneers in this industry, we can boast of many modern solutions that comprehensively solve certain issues. Among our products we also invite you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of rubber mats. This is an additional element that suppresses sounds and vibrations. This is a particularly convenient option for people working in an environment of constant vibrations, because often contact with them has a bad effect on human health and comfort. Garage door protectors in combination with mats are already very popular and can be found in many places, such as parking lots of hotels and shopping centers, buildings for industrial activities, but also with food manufacturers.

wall fender

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Fender ensures safe parking

Fenders are now most often made of durable, but flexible, polyethylene foam. Self-adhesive tape allows you to glue the elements to the wall in the garage of the fender on the wall, which is exposed to bruising or other destruction. Pay attention to whether the entire surface is thoroughly covered with glue. The high-quality car door protector can be used already from -60 st. Celsius up to +90 degrees. Degrees. Glue on the wall of the garage will best stick even on smooth surfaces. The garage door protector allows you to park safely, protect bumpers and doors. This is possible the simplest and at the same time the most effective solution that has been created so far and can be so easily transferred to the garage of each of us. Our online shop in addition to high-quality wall door protector from a renowned manufacturer also has other rubber products, such as the aforementioned mats, but also gaskets and many other small elements that can positively affect the comfort of daily work in the plant or the convenience of all household members. If you have more detailed questions about a particular product, we cordially invite you to contact us directly. Our experienced specialists will be very happy to advise you on choosing the best model that will suit even demanding expectations and possibilities. We know that individual help is essential to best solve your problems and shortcomings, and to adapt a specific element to your interior. All rubber products offered on our website are made for even a very demanding customer, who will be satisfied only by the highest quality and precision.

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