Dron oringi uszczelki

Drone o-rings gaskets

O-rings are multifunctional mechanical seals. Their name comes from the circular shape that resembles a ring in cross section. For many years, it has undoubtedly been the most popular type of gasket that is used in virtually every industry. Ranging from the automotive, medical, chemical, food, and even electronics and drones industries. O-rings also have a low production cost and are therefore widely present.

Drone o-ring seals – characteristics

This popular type of insulation is designed to be sandwiched between two or more parts at the joint boundary. O-rings are made of different materials, which guarantees different properties. Depending on the material, they can be used depending on the requirements of a static or dynamic system. However, the elastic nature of rubber always makes it possible to reduce the effects of minor imperfections in the sealed elements or their wear. In the case of machines or drones, the seals create tight connections and prevent liquids and gases from getting outside or inside the system. O-rings are now widely available in the market at almost any professional hardware store or rubber accessory wholesaler. The basic parameters that should be taken into account are the inner diameter of the O-ring and its thickness. Good ring selection ensures high system tightness.

O-ring seals



O-ring properties depending on materials

Depending on the material the O-ring is made of, the O-ring can be resistant to a variety of factors. The most popular elastomers used in the production of these seals include, among others, silicone, NBR and EPDM. VMQ silicone o-rings are hydrophobic, which makes them ideal for wet working environments as they do not absorb water. They can also obtain a special FDA certificate that allows such seals to safely come into contact with food. VMQ o-rings can also be used in temperatures from -50 degrees Celsius. Celsius to +240 degrees Celsius degrees. They are also insensitive to ozone. An example of use would be a drone o-ring gasket. Rings made of EPDM elastomer are characterized by high flexibility, which guarantees non-susceptibility to permanent deformation or deformation. This high-quality material is also resistant to various weather conditions, hot water and steam. EPDM o-rings are resistant to contact with chemicals, organic and inorganic acids, as well as low concentrations with bases, ketones and alcohols. NBR provides abrasion resistance and does not react with oils or greases.

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