FEP / PFA encapsulated o-rings

FEP/PFA encapsulated orings

The sealing ring in a rimless FEP/PFA wrap, surrounded by an elastomeric core made of fluorine or silicone rubber, guarantees resistance to aggressive chemicals and solvents and the effects of extreme temperatures (both high and low).

Encapsulation properties of orings

FEP and PFA are plastics that will be used in many industries. Orings are most often made from a mixture of these two materials. It is rare for seals to be entirely made of FEP or PFA.


Encapsulation (encapsulation) fep

O-rings in fep wrap are used in applications that require chemical resistance and hygiene (chemical, food, pharmaceutical industries). It has heat resistance when working in applications up to 205°C. The material is resistant to corrosion, wear and shrinkage.


Encapsulation (encapsulation) of PFA

Oringi PFA is used for various applications in many industries (food, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical). The material is characterized by a low coefficient of friction, thanks to which there is less wear of machines. It also has a high level of resistance to gas permeability. PFA encapsulated O-rings have the same properties as FEP, but with greater heat resistance when used in applications above 205°C. They also exhibit higher levels of resistance to almost all chemicals. O-ring PFA provides additional abrasion resistance.



Fep/PFA orings are practically chemically inert, gas-free, so the elastomer is not damaged. The material offers very good mechanical properties that make the seal resistant to m.in. the flow of cold. The FEP/PFA round-section sealing ring has a very low coefficient of friction and low electrical permeability.


Advantages of using ENCAPSulated FEP/PFA orings:

  • chemical resistance
  • resistance to extreme temperatures
  • are highly resistant to cracking under dynamic load
  • low absorption (absorption) of alkaline solutions, solvents, acids
  • suitable for vacuum applications
  • corrosion resistance
  • smooth surface
  • has abrasion resistance
  • impermeable
  • fully non-flammable material
  • produced in almost any size (including metric system)
  • high resistance to gas permeability
  • low coefficient of friction (less wear)
  • compression resistance
  • Reusable


O-rings in seamless FEP/PFA wrap are often used for static applications. They are manufactured in standard AS568 sizes.

O-rings in the cover of FEP / PFA

Elastomer core – What is it made of?

The sealing ring consists of an elastomeric core in a seamless wrap made of fluorine or silicone rubber. Both the outer FEP/FPA coating and the inner elastomer core have their properties.


The core is made of Viton®

Oringi Viton® in a fep/pfa wrap to protect it from aggressive chemicals. The viton core® used in applications that are not exposed to extremely high or low temperatures. Thanks to its low compression, it is used for many applications. It has greater chemical protection than silicone.


Silicone core

The elastomer core made of silicone is ideal for applications that operate at very low temperatures. An empty silicone core is also used, which is ideal for applications with low system load.

Orings with a core made of silicone can be bought here from viton here

Temperature range

Silicone core in FEP wrap: -60° C to +204°C

Viton core® in FEP: -20°C to +204°C

PFA silicone core: -60° C to +260° C

Viton core® pfa wrap: -20°C to +260°C


FEP/PFA oringi – Disadvantages

There are situations in which, despite the many exceptional properties of seals (m.in show chemical resistance, have a low coefficient of friction), they also have their drawbacks.

  • thin sheath is not resistant to abrasives
  • FEP/PFA orings are not designed to work in a dynamic environment
  • compression of the closed sealing ring can damage it and lead to a refraction of the
  • FEP and PFA are plastics that break as a result of high stretching; also applies to elastomeric core made of ® silicone

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