Rubber EPDM Warsaw

Rubber EPDM Warsaw

EPDM –ethylene terpolymer – propylene-diene is a popular type of rubber, formed by the process of peroxide or sulfuric vulcanization. It is characterized by very high flexibility. This rubber has excellent mechanical properties and high elasticity, which causes the rubber to return quickly to its original shape. Epdmproducts do not crack like many similar products, they have high tensile strength. It has a temperature resistance of – 30°C to +150°C.EPDM are weather resistant.

EPDM rubber sheet

They are great for use as rubber components, used outdoors. They are ideal for use as non-slip primers, and thanks to the fact that they show high resistance to acids and are not afraid of any work, they will work as a workbench cover. The rubber sheetis manufactured in accordance with health and safety rules. Keeping it clean is very easy as dirt is removed without major problems.

Due to the fact that left behind for years outdoors do not pressure and crumble are very popular in agriculture, forestry and fruit-planting as a substrate for silos, lair manure mats, or, for example, silage primers. EPDM products are also used as insulating membranes to protect roofs and sleepers for terrace joguys. They are used as rubber for the garden because it is not terrible no weather conditions, for the passages between plants and seedlings in nurseries and greenhouses. They are also used as a discount separation from lawns. These are very often laid out as rubber road sheet used for makeshift hardening of the terrain on driveways and construction works. Thanks to the fact that they show very high resistance, rubber sheet can easily cope with the heavy loads to which they will be exposed.


EPDM rubber sheets for playgrounds in Warsaw

Synthetic rubber sheet are made of two layers. In this type of products, the lower layer, which is a cushioning layer, is made ofSBRgranules (Butadiene-Styrene Rubber), the upper layer is made of EPDM granules which strongly affects the quality of the product. Thanks to the use of the upper layer of this type, these products are much more resistant to weather conditions as well as UV rays compared to SBR products. Another advantage is the fact that EPDM rubber is dyed in mass, which means that during abrasion it does not lose any quality of its color. This type of board is suitable for playgrounds on a large and small area. As for the width of the rubber sheet, there are several variants.

Reception of sheet is possible in Pruszków at ul. Domaniewska 5A, close to the S8/A2 exit to Warsaw.

Rubber sheet epdm

Buy here: EPDM boards of different thicknesses and here you can buy EPDM rubber sheet for playgrounds

How to arrange?

The surface of the tiles is laid on a stabilized and hardened substrate e.g. concrete, asphalt concrete or on a specially prepared substructure made of mineral aggregates. Another advantage of these products is the permeability of water, which prevents the formation of puddles during rainfall.

The basic advantages of EPDM boards

  • These are products with high resistance and durability,
  • maintain their level of safety and aesthetics for a long time,
  • thanks to their flexibility, they absorb falls from high altitudes very well,
  • you can choose the width and thickness of the sheet,
  • if necessary, we can easily disassemble the sheet and move them to another location.

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