Gasket plates for the food industry

Gasket plates for the food industry

Gasket plates are a widely used product in many different industries and are often used by the food industry. They are now available in a variety of types and variants to best meet customer requirements. They are used as gaskets in the installation, so when using them in places where you come into contact with food, make sure that the product is properly certified. Such special statements are a guarantee of good sealing and safe interaction of the plate with water and food. In Poland, they are most often pzh certified (Polish The Hygienic Association), and abroad such seals are FDA certified.

How to choose the right plate for sealing?

Safety in contact with food is a fundamental and at the same time the most important issue to consider when choosing a plate for use in the food segment or in gastronomy. The current hygienic approval will ensure that the material in question from the manufacturer is actually checked. During the formation of such a gasket plate based on aramid or mineral fibers work teams of engineers who care about the excellent quality of the final effect.

Modern technology makes it possible to use innovative compositions of raw materials and tie the whole together with fillers rubber mass. Thanks to this, the board is not only elastic and elastic, but also perfectly can adhere to a smooth surface. Guarding specific procedures and meeting the high requirements of the gasket plates used by the food industry, they are completely safe for the environment and human health. This will ensure that once purchased silicone board will be able to serve the owner for many long years together with proper FDA certification of plates dedicated to gaskets. It is also necessary to take into account such a parameter as: continuous operating temperature. It is she who is crucial in reducing the cost of living. Gaskets made of silicone plates are a cheaper alternative compared to aramid plates in compliance with FDA standards.

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Advantages of using sealing plates in the food industry

The huge popularity of this type of sealing method indicates reliability and high efficiency of operation. Gasket plates do not differ significantly in design or properties from each other and it is independent of industry or industry. The only issue is the already mentioned certificates and approvals, confirming thepossibility of contact with food and drinkingwater, as well as friendliness to human health and the functioning of the environment.

A good gasket plate should give the owner the opportunity to adjust its shape and cut out the expected seals, as well as be flexible and perfectly adapted to the type of surface. This issue is best determined before buying, consulting your choice with an experienced professional from the industry.

Another advantage is the effectiveness of such seals even requiring conditions of changing pressure and high operating temperature. These specific plates are also appreciated among customers for their high efficiency in sealing water, air, gas, as well as the less popular – saturated acids and chemical bases.

Choosing the right gasket plate for the food industry requires choosing a good material to ensure safety and comfort for yourself and your employees. It is good to pay attention in advance to the mechanical properties of the plate, its operation and the characteristics of the behavior at a specific pressure and temperature, which is why the silicone plate is one of the best possible solutions, especially where the continuous operating temperature is high.

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