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Hard-burning rubber plate

The hard-burning rubber plate is characterized by high resistance to high temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended to be used in plants and workshops where heat sources are used that could damage rubber plates with less durability. Non-flammable rubber plates are used for general use, are made of butadiene-styrene rubber, and their designation is SBR. This material is resistant to abrasion and wear, which is why rubber plates are distinguished by high hardness. Products made of this type of mixture have high resistance to dangerous heat conditions. The hard-burning rubber plate also has a number of other properties useful in difficult working conditions. Workshops, production halls and any industrial plants – everywhere there flammable plates, in sheets or from rolls, should be widely used.

Hard-to-burn rubber plate – properties

The specificity of the non-combustible rubber plate makes it possible to use it in places characterized by harmful factors. At the same time, rubber plates come in many variants, so that you can choose from products tailored to different needs. Non-flammable rubber plates are available in several sizes and thicknesses. The thicker the rubber plate, the greater the abrasion resistance. You can choose to thicknesses of 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 mm and even 50 mm. The width of the roll is e.g. 1.2 m or 1.4 m, and the length is usually from 5 to 10 m. The dimensions and thickness of the plates depend on the manufacturer’s offer. The plates can be purchased in sheets or rolled up, it is also possible to cut the plate to the exact size given by the ordering party. The material from which hard-to-burn rubber plates are made is high-quality SBR rubber, made of rubber mixtures that affect its fire resistance. As a result, the hard-burning rubber plate is much more heat resistant than a regular SBR plate for general use. Moreover, these plates are known for their hardness preventing their rapid destruction. They can be additionally reinforced with spacers, one or two spacers are used. The high temperature resistance means that the flame retneb rubber plate can be exposed to short-term direct contact with fire. The temperature range at which the hard-burning rubber plate will work is from – 30 st. up to 70 st. degrees. Although high insulation parameters are the main advantage of a hard-to-fire board, it also has other desirable Rubber plates are not only flammable, but also resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage, which makes their application wide. In addition, they are resistant to loads, so they can be used as a primer for heavy machinery. They also have anti-slip and dampening properties, which protect people in workshops from slipping and partially silence the noise generated by working machines. Non-combustible rubber plates are manufactured according to the applicable standards and are also adapted to health and safety regulations.

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Health and safety-compliant rubber plates can be found here

Hard-to-burn rubber plate – application

In plants where there is a high temperature or it is possible to come into contact with fire, it is recommended to use rubber plates, which are flame ret firing. Such places are, for example, welding mills, smelters, refineries or mines. The boards are also useful in the chemical and processing industries, as well as in workshops and services. Rubber plates can be placed on countertops where work is carried out or placed under machines that are a source of heat. The aim is to protect the workplace from mechanical damage and to protect the ground from the destructive effects of high temperatures. Products such as non-flammable rubber plates can also be successfully used to produce gaskets due to their elasticity and non-breathability to moisture. This type of plate is often used in mining plants and in excavations where there is a risk of methane or coal dust exploding. They are used as washers, machine cladding, carpeting of rooms and bulk, and wherever flammable and anti-static material is needed.

When working in which there is direct contact with fire or other heat source, special attention should be paid to the quality and durability of the products used. The use of a rubber plate made of flame ret firing mixtures increases the safety of workers, protecting them from easy fire and fire. For this reason, a flammable plate should be the basic equipment of plants where fire or other sources producing high heat are used for work. In addition to the fact that rubber platesare flammable, they are also characterized by highhardness, thanks to which the plates have considerable abrasion resistance. Rubbers are easy to clean, so keeping your workplace clean is no problem. These properties make your work easier and more comfortable, and your employees can be more productive. The plates not only protect the workplace from destruction, but also increase the safety of the people working there. Rubber plates can be purchased in the form of sheets or a whole roll of SBR rubber, it is also possible to cut the plate to a specific dimension, selected specifically for the machine or surface. In order to order a disc of the selected size, you need to contact the company offering the disc trimming service. The outer side of the roll is smooth, usually products such as rubber plate are produced in black.

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