P Bond Seal Rings

P Bond Seals are bonded gaskets, also known as Dowta rings, made of a metal washer (outer ring) and vulcanized rubber (inner ring). The metal washer prevents excessive compression and reduces deformation of the rubber inner ring.


They are perfect for static sealing in high pressure systems where other seals are not sufficient. They are used in various industries. Most often used in hydraulic and pneumatic drives and controls.


Bonded rings prevent leakage and guarantee reliable resistance to burst pressure. They can work at both low and high temperatures. They are available with or without a self-centering lip. Self-centering lip allows for easy installation (reduces assembly time), eliminates leakage and seal misalignment.


Advantages of using the P-ring Bond Seal:

  • guarantees reliable sealing in low and high pressure systems
  • the ability to work in low and high temperatures
  • reduces the tightening torque of the bolt without losing the tightening force
  • the metal washer prevents excessive squeezing and extrusion of the rubber
  • thanks to their flexibility they can fit in various devices
  • available in a wide range of elastomers and metals
  • suitable for all threaded bolts, studs and clearances


P-ring seals are available in a variety of material combinations and sizes Imperial, Metric, French Metric and German Metric.

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