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Rental raids – secure cables and wires

Cable raids are one of the most effective protections for construction cables and cables, fresh air fairs and mass events. It is a simple yet extremely durable solution that adequately protects the electronics and ensures the safety of the event participants. High-quality rollovers allow you to organize, secure and hide wires on the path, which greatly reduces the risk of a dangerous accident.


Use of cable rollovers

The use of cable rollovers also reduces the likelihood of plugs disconnecting, especially when using long connections. It is a highly functional solution, used at all mass events, which allows you to seamlessly maintain the continuity and smoothness of the event, without exposing yourself to accidents. This is especially true for concerts, outdoor film screenings, fairs and other festivals. On the other hand, it is also extremely practical assistance on construction sites or during renovations. Cable rollovers are tough enough to allow cars and trucks to move freely on the ground.

cable rollover m5You can find different types of cable rollovers here


How do I link raids together?

Street rollovers have a special insole inside to guide electrical wires, audio and video cables. This not only prevents, as has already been mentioned, dangerous accidents with passers-by, but is also practical from the point of view of the electrical system itself. Thanks to this, the cables do not cross, do not tangle, so the signal can go undisturbed. They can be freely stacked in multiple configurations anywhere. According to the needs and requirements of the organizer or other manager, they can be combined with a special insert shifted by drains. It is perfect for plans, streets and roads, as well as parks and other green areas. Many companies offer the possibility of renting such raids for temporary events.


Additional important information

Due to the high self-weight of the rollover and its stability, it is no longer necessary to attach the element additionally to the ground. This greatly facilitates installation and, above all, does not take much time. The standard size of such a rollover is 89 x 52.2 cm at the base and a height of 5.2 cm. The cover that covers the cables is made of plastic, but very durable plastic. It is resistant to loads of up to a dozen tons, which makes it possible for the truck to pass through it without the slightest fear. To emphasize the location of the cables, it is in a distinct yellow color, which is not prone to abrasion. This way of securing has another advantage – it allows you to easily find the selected part at any time, which you want to switch or where you have suspicions of a possible fault.

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