sponge silicone

Sponge silicone

Silicones, as siloxane siloxane polymers, are obtained in the form of oils, resins or elastomers. It is the latter that are widely used in many industries, because through the polymerization process, they acquire properties that are very valuable in many different industries. Elastomers, as natural or artificial plastics, are characterized by a high ability of reversible deformation under the influence of various forces, primarily mechanical, while maintaining the continuity of their structure. The chemical structure of the substance can correspond to the cross-linking process, in the case of polymers it is the formation of a three-dimensional network, which involves many positives, first of all it gives them durability, because such bonds are very difficult to break.

Advantages of spongy silicone

Spongy silicone as an elastomer has the ability to broadly change its dimensions over a very wide range when it comes to tensile, compressive or shear stresses. Despite the action of these forces, he is able to return to his original dimensions. Sponge silicone is formed by vulcanization, making it a very flexible material, but at the same time bat-like and insoluble, in other words rubber. Sponge silicone, like other silicone products, has a number offeatures that allow it to be used in manyindustries. It is non-flammable, has very high thermal resistance of continuous operation, has high UV resistance, has good electro-insulating and lubrication. Sponge silicone is used when lubricants and oils and their components are used. Sponge silicone is valued in construction as sealing materials. In industry, it helps in the creation of silicone molds.

Sponge silicone – used in many industries

While many may be surprised, silicone sponges are used even in the cosmetic industry and as home-made products. Through their hygienic and antibacterial properties, they are an ideal material for creating facial care products because they are easy to keep clean or even wash dishes. Siloxanes are also used to produce anti-stick protection for car windows. The perfect fit of silicone to the space in which it has to work is an additional advantage.

Vmq mvq silicone silicone boards

Sponge silicone – products

Sponge silicone is the basis for extrusion of materials such as profiles, hoses or silicone cords. Silicone rubber is characterized by high strength and temperature resistance. The tolerance range increases to up to 300 st. C, compared to solid silicone, which reaches a maximum value of 260 degrees, this is a very big difference. In addition, products made of sponge silicone are characterized by very good sound insulation and hydrophobia, that is, they do not absorb (absorb) water. Foamed silicone rubber has structurally sealed pores, and is therefore resistant to chemicals, radiation and adverse weather conditions. Their big advantage is the adjustment of silicones to the space and subsequent return to the previous shape. In addition, foams intended for technical products can be used as food contact products, i.e. food and medicine agency certified and may come into contact with drinking water.

spongy rubber cord

Sponge silicone – dimensions

This type of silicone, due to its porosity, can achieve a hardness of 20 degrees ShA, with a low thickness mm tolerance decreases. We machine cut each plate. Sponge silicone is most often produced in rolls. These rollers have a width of about 1000 mm, equal edge is ensured by the use of the latest cutting technologies. Due to their wide application, different thicknesses are available, from 2 mm to 5mm and a length of 10 meters. Sponge silicone can even be sold 20 mm thick. It all depends on the individual demand of the customer and his idea for a given product.

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