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Manufacturer of rubber products – POWER Rubber

POWER Rubberis a manufacturer of rubber products, using the latest technologically machinery and equipment. Our offer includes rubber products made of various types of mixtures, e.g. NBR, SBR, FKM and others – needed at the request of our customers. We also differentiate between the hardness of our products in order to apply the best possible fit.

The main products include:

O-rings: Rubber O-rings, or basic seals, commonly referred to as seals. We have over 1,000,000 pcs. in stock for next-day deliveries and even same-day pickup! We have NBR, FKM orings, i.e. highly oil-resistant, Silicone for high temperatures, EPDM, CR and other mixtures. Our O-rings are also available in many hardnesses. We produce O-rings with special dimensions.

Rubber cords: Cords produced mainly with round and rectangular profiles. Made of NBR, FKM, Silicone, EPDM and other rubber compounds available on request, they allow us to satisfy our customers.
Our offer also includes: foamed cords, commonly known as spongy cords.

Rubber bumpers: ramp bumpers, shop bumpers, road and sea bumpers are a wide range of applications and dimensions. We invite you to submit a demand for new sizes and wholesale quantities.

Rubber mats: oil-resistant mats, mats for gyms, mats for playgrounds. Different color variants and different thicknesses are also available.

Rubber plates: plates available in sheets or rolls with a width of up to 1.40 or 1.60m depending on the material – resulting from the shrinkage of the material during production. The materials are: SBR, NBR, FKM, Silicone.

Cable thresholds: we are the official distributor of cable raids in Poland. We have thresholds in our warehouse, immediately available to our customers. You can choose between internal thresholds, thresholds for passenger car traffic and cable thresholds for trucks. In addition to yellow and black thresholds, the offer includes yellow thresholds with increased noticeability.

Rubber hoses: we also offer rubber hoses for contact with: liquid gas, hot water, steam, compressed air, propane-butane, fuels, gasoline and oils, cooling liquids in systems, agricultural spraying and welding.


The company has its own production plant and distribution warehouse located in Moszna-Pracela 55A, close to the Pruszków exit, at the A2 motorway, S8 route leading to Warsaw. We invite you to contactus via the form, by e-mail:, or by phone +48505160303.

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