Acid-resistant rubber - that is, which acid-resistant rubber to use

Acid-resistant rubber – that is, what acid-resistant rubber to use

High-quality acid-resistant rubber available on the website of our online store is widely used, among others, for the manufacture of washers and gaskets, as well as many other specialized components. They can operate statically in an unst stretched state.

Material properties

The acid-resistant rubber plate is made on the basis of EPDM rubber material, which is an ethylene-propylene-diene organic polymer. It is a material with versatile applications, which is distinguished by valuable mechanical properties. It is primarily designed to work in a concentrated and corrosive environment of acids and bases. In addition, EPDM and its materials are weather-resistant. It is also not a material prone to heat aging, so it can be used in the presence of high air or liquid temperatures. Customers often very much praise this material. They point out that it is ideal for producing statically working gaskets. EPDM is resistant to ozone, water. It maintains its all physical and mechanical properties stable at a temperature from -40 st. Up to +110 degrees Celsius. degrees. However, it is worth adding that there are already special mixtures, the component of which is also EPDM rubber, which have a operating temperature range of up to +150 st. degrees. Epdm rubber plate is characterized by excellent properties of reversible deformation under the influence of mechanical forces. Thanks to its molecular structure, the rubber is able to maintain the continuity of its structure, which makes it suitable material for statically operating equipment in an unst stretched state. However, it is worth remembering that EPDM rubber is not resistant to mineral oil-based products such as lubricants, oils and fuels. It also reacts with aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It is imperative that the working environment is free of these substances in order to prevent possible problems. Many people appreciate this material for its very good hardness parameters, which depending on many factors range from 40 to even 90 on shore’s A-scale hardness scale.

Rubber sheet epdm

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Acid-resistant rubber – wide application

Strong acid resistant rubber is a widely used product in many different industries. First of all, it is used for the production of gaskets operating statically in the unst stretched state in the automotive industry. It is mainly used for sealing doors and windows. It is also a frequently used cushioning element and is readily used by specialists in the construction industry. Acid-resistant rubber is ideal for the production of sealing profiles for plastic joinery, hydraulic hoses,cable covers, as well as for creating roofing material. Interestingly, the acid-resistant rubber plate is also used in the construction of safe playgrounds. EPDM is also widely used in the food industry. It is used there as a material mainly for the production of industrial knives and seals. All the properties of acid-resistant rubber – including resistance to various weather conditions – allow the production of high-quality, durable insulating profiles, washers and gaskets designed for static operation in the un stretched state.

plate made of EPDM

Characteristics of the acid-resistant plate

Rubber-based rubber plates made of suitable mixtures can be produced without interchanch. However, the presence of one or even two inserts significantly affects the prolongation of the durability and strength of the material. It is worth knowing in advance whether the selected product has such a convenience. It is common in large wholesalers and rubber accessories stores that such rubber can most often be found in the vulcanized version in black. The surface of the produced plate is smooth or has a fabric imprint. It is a very popular product, eagerly bought by customers who are looking for durable seals working statically in the unst stretched state. They value the properties of EPDM rubber and, above all, its ability to work in an acid and alkaline environment, which is rare for other elastomer mixtures. Weather resistance and good thermal aging make this product ideal for you too. It is worth trying this product because of its universal use and attractive price. Many satisfied customers are constantly returning to items made of acid-resistant rubber.

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