cyanoacrylic adhesive, rubber glue

Activators and primers


Activators are chemicals that catalyze the polymerisation reaction of acrylic and anaerobic adhesives, or can act as an accelerator (accelerator) for cyanoacrylic adhesives. Activators are also catalysts, reactors, accelerators or hardeners.


Primer (product name), a substance that needs to be spread on the surface of the plastics early enough for the soluble to evaporate before applying the adhesive. Primers greatly increase adhesive adhesion to thinly bonded surfaces, plastics or aluminum steel.

cyanoacrylic adhesive, rubber glue

Activator for cyanoacrylic adhesives

Activators allow the final effect to be achieved in 2 to 60 seconds, depending on the type of substrate, temperature, type of adhesive ca. Most often, the activator is used when you want to get the glue effect as soon as possible, e.g. plastics. Another case in which the activator is necessary is the moment when the gap is large enough that no type of adhesives wants to tie.

Some non-single-component adhesives are able to connect surfaces only in contact with active metal ions. This group includes anaerobic adhesives and other methrylical resins, different types of acrylic adhesives. While acrylic adhesives will harden in contact with metals, modified adhesives must use appropriate activators. Remember, however, that the activators and primers used with adhesives will never replace the action of degreasers and washers. Primers can only be used on dry and clean surfaces. Read the instructions on the adhesive packaging well and follow the instructions carefully. Information on what activators and primers to use is very important to make sure that we do not damage the glued material. Primer is always used to raise adhesive adhesion to different substrates or to obtain any adhesive adhesion for hard-to-glue materials.

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