Technical adhesives

There are many types of technical adhesives! Depending on what their intended purpose is, these are highly in demand products. They are generally used for wooden surfaces, various types of plastics, so that the products are better attached. We distinguish natural adhesives, they are mainly of animal or vegetable origin. However, the adhesives that are most durable and technical are synthetic adhesives. Here we can also distinguish specialized adhesives with a special purpose e.g. for tiles. Specialty adhesives are mostly used for specific plastics. An interesting alternative is also hot adhesives, which are characterized by adequate effectiveness.

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Gluing requires prior surface preparation. This is an important aspect of the procedure as it will ensure better grip. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the glued surface depending on what contact we come into contact with the product. However, regardless of the adhesive, it is always worth remembering. It happens that many products are not prepared in advance and attachment turns out to be difficult.

Although it also happens that the application of adhesives without preparation turns out to be very durable. However, these are exceptions among plastics. It is best to protect the two sides from earlier gluing. Adhesives are a product of great interest to customers. Warsaw is a city where you can meet entrepreneurs who offer services in the field of professional fastening of many plastics.

It is worth getting acquainted with the various adhesives offered, as their specifications and purpose are very wide.

Adhesives can be applied to almost anyone:

  1. Product
  2. Industry
  3. Plastic

Adhesives have such a wide range of assortment that surely everyone will find something for themselves. Our offer is tailored to offer the following types of adhesives:


We have adhesives that will certainly work in many places. The development of industry has led to a demand for such products. Adhesives are necessary for performers of different professions. Before buying, it is necessary to assess exactly what we will need the preparation for, so that the adhesives purchased have the right purpose. Depending on what the adhesives will be intended for, they have their own specific properties. Thanks to them, choosing adhesives, we should pay attention to specific conditions.

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