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Anti-Skid Tape – Increase safety on slippery surfaces

Each of us remembers situations in which we would almost not fall over, or – if the trauma was mild – situations in which we fell over by slipping. The effects of such a fall can be really serious and can be felt for the rest of our lives. We often hear from our parents, especially grandparents, about the pains caused by an injury resulting from a specific situation. What can be done to prevent this?

Anti-slip tape – Minimize the risk of slipping

In order to reduce the slip, there is the cheapest method on our market. This solution is an anti-slip tape.

non-slip tape yellow black

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As you can see, the tape is a material consisting of an adhesive layer that allows permanent adhesion to the substrate and an upper anti-slip layer – it is responsible for reducing the chance of a slip. Due to its graininess, the material allows water to flow and allows dust to accumulate while still maintaining a non-slip surface.


Non-slip tapes – color variants

Technological development allows products to be tailored to specific needs and requirements. Also in this case, the technology allows us to choose the color of non-slip tapes. We offer the following color variants from the offer of tapes that increase adhesion:

  • Black anti-slip tape

The tape in black is designed to reduce costs. Black color is the one that promotes savings in enterprises, while increasing the level of security. To sum up, the black variant is the cheapest possible solution to increase the adhesion of the substrate. The black grip tape is also used in places where we want to limit the emphasis on possible slipping, to avoid panic and the feeling of fear in people moving around the object. The tape helps to reduce the number of accidents in the workplace – this is one of the secondary positive effects on the use of tapes.


  • Yellow anti-slip tape

The yellow version of the tapes is intended to increase the visibility of its application. It is a kind of a signal to the user that there may be a risk of slippage in the designated place, and the owner of the facility or the employer wants to take care of his employees and guests staying at the facility.


  • Yellow and black anti-slip tape
    The black and yellow variant is the model of the tape increasing adhesion most often used on construction sites. The colors, consisting of two colors, allow greater notice in various workplaces. Especially places of renovation, repair or construction commencement need this solution. It allows you to increase safety in an easy way.


  • Red and white anti-slip tape
    The variant of the white and red tape is most often used in places where the black and / or yellow tape do not fulfill their role in terms of visibility. So we can ask: when should this anti-slip tape be used then? The option is to increase visibility – this is what we care about when using this solution. The tape is needed for dark-colored substrates, where our black tape cannot be seen, and for sand-colored substrates, when the yellow color is not visible.

yellow and black warning tape

We invite you to take advantage of the offer!


As we well know, we use anti-skid tapes to increase traction in a given area.

Accidents at workplaces are incidents that are not readily received by employers. As it turns out, it is most often due to the high risk of slippage or the desire to reduce the number of accidents in the workplace, e.g. in a production plant, warehouse or construction site.

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