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Cable thresholds and cable protection

Application of cable thresholds

Are you interested in applied cable thresholds? It is worth starting today’s article with an original question. What do firefighters, concert organizers and those responsible for the technical preparation of the film set have in common? Probably every reader will find other common features, depending on the level of his own imagination. However, what undoubtedly connects the above-mentioned activities is constant work with cables and responsibility for them. Responsibility not only for their durability and functionality, but above all forthe safety of peoplein their vicinity. We could not organize a concert or make a film without using a whole lot of cables, which often have to be placed in uncomfortable places. When fire hoses are used, there is usually no question of choosing the place where the hose will be led. This state of affairs means that the area in which we operate can create huge communication difficulties. The words “can create” were used specifically in the previous sentence, as there is a proven way to solve such problems very easily. Of course, I am talking about the use of cable thresholds, which have many more advantages than it may seem at first sight.

Fire hose covers

Staying on the topic of communication problems, we should remember that using a fire hose often requires us to take it across the road. In such a situation, the use of asingle-channel cable threshold from POWER RUBBER allows cars to pass freely, even though it seemed to us that we completely blocked the traffic as a result of our actions. It also seems interesting to resolve the confrontation between our hose or cable and someone else’s shoe or bicycle wheel. Probably everyone would like to see what would happen if they had the courage and ride a bicycle over an uncovered snake. Perhaps, however, it would be better to learn about it from stories, and not from the experiences of your own equipment. You should also remember about people who, by their inattention, may not notice our cables and suffer an unpleasant injury to the foot or ankle. In the case of electric cables, it is also crucial to protect them against the consequences of unfavorable weather conditions. We cited the use of cable thresholds, actually a part of them. We invite you to read on!

Features of Cable Covers

POWER RUBBER cable thresholds solve all the issues raised in the previous paragraphs in a simple and clear manner. For all those who, however, have doubts about our cable thresholds, we are pleased to present their other attributes:

  • Durability, ensured by being made of PVC-based material,
  • Simple assembly (connecting elements with a “dovetail” and the possibility of permanent attachment to the ground),
  • Convenient cable placement inside,
  • Non-slip surface,
  • Visibility (our cable thresholds are yellow and black and are additionally equipped with reflective elements),
  • Versatility of use (can be used for various types of cables).

The POWER RUBBER offer includes various versions of cable thresholds. In addition to single-channel thresholds, which are perfect as acover for fire hoses, we sell thresholds with two, three or even five channels. Upon closer inspection of our products, you will notice that our products also differ in design. We believe that thanks to a wider choice, our clients will find exactly what they need and know what the application of cable thresholds is.

cable thresholds

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We started with a question and we would also like to end with a question. Let us imagine that in the game show “Familiada” we come across the question “What can be done in theory, but cannot be done in practice?”. We believe that the highest-scored answer would be “Leave our cables unsecured.”

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