BISCO BF-1000 Extra Soft Silicone Foam

What is BISCO BF-1000 Extra Soft Cellular Silicone? Bisco BF-1000 extra soft cellular silicone foam which is a highly compressible, soft material. Softness makes it an ideal solution where low closure force and sealing are critical. Rogers BF-1000 Extra Soft Cellular Silicone offers the durability needed for various sealing and cushioning applications. Although the material […]

Bisco HT-800

BISCO HT-800 Flame Retardant Silicone Foam

Bisco® HT-800 is a versatile, medium silicone foam that combines the lightness of foam with the enhanced sealing capabilities of traditional sponge rubber. BISCO HT800 has resistance to eleveated temperature, UV, flame (rated UL 94V-0) and compression. The material has also excellent shepe memory, so this is the reason why material is the ideal for […]

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