Benefits resulting from the use of anti-vibration elements

Benefits resulting from the use of anti-vibration elements

Vibrations and vibrations in high intensity have a negative impact not only on human health and general well-being, but also on the technical condition of machines. It is worth taking care of appropriate vibration isolation of devices that will minimize and suppress all vibrations. Professional machine accessories allow to reduce noise, protect individual parts of the machine and increase durability. In this article, we will present the other advantages of using specialized shock absorbers in the workshop and workplace.

What exactly are vibro-isolators?

Even professional machines from reputable manufacturers can be a source of intense, harmful vibrations. Most often they are the result of intensive work of engines, transmissions, shafts or other components. A natural reason is the aging and wear of the device, but also abrasions with the ground. Vibro-shock absorbers are functional shock absorbers that are used to isolate individual components in machines in the workshop against vibrations. Their operation is based on a very simple principle of separating the sensitive parts that may be prone to vibration and abrasions. Vibro-isolators are most often made of rubber, which provides adequate soundproofing of the arising noise, and at the same time is very resistant and durable, even with increased use. It is also a good way to protect electronic components, sensors and even entire body parts. By applying shock absorbers to the feet of the machine, it can be protected from secondary vibrations from the floor.

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Advantages of using rubber shock absorbers in the workshop

Vibro-isolators limit the further transmission of vibrations from stationary machines. Their effectiveness depends heavily on the design of the device, but also on the ground on which it is located. It is worth contacting a professional to properly select the shock absorber according to the weight and frequency of the machine in the workshop. As a standard, the most popular vibration isolators on the market are small covers made of steel springs and rubber or pneumatic parts that isolate vibrations. This combination guarantees better absorption of vibrations and a significant reduction in noise. Już w krótkim czasie przekłada się to na komfort codziennej pracy, niwelując powstający rezonans. This prevents injuries, damage inside the body and also causes less fatigue. The experience of intense vibration is not natural for a human and causes a feeling of great discomfort. Prolonged contact can cause pain in specific parts of the body, and joints are particularly at risk.

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Eliminate vibrations and you will reduce noise

Vibration is often favored by excessive noise. This is where we most often come in: POWER Rubber. Our well-coordinated team of specialists analyzes the cause of vibration quickly and specifically. Our production of metal-rubber vibro-isolators allows us to shorten the time of obtaining appropriate rubber products. Our large inventory also helps to reduce waiting times. We have over 2,000 items available in our warehouse in Pruszków near the city of Warsaw.


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