Bisco HT-800

BISCO HT-800 Flame Retardant Silicone Foam

Bisco® HT-800 is a versatile, medium silicone foam that combines the lightness of foam with the enhanced sealing capabilities of traditional sponge rubber.

BISCO HT800 has resistance to eleveated temperature, UV, flame (rated UL 94V-0) and compression. The material has also excellent shepe memory, so this is the reason why material is the ideal for the production of gaskets, sealing, coushioning and gap filling applications.

Whats more, the cellular structure of the silicone foam prevents the penetration of air and water particles.This rubber sheeting is available with pressure sensitive adhesive backing.

HT-800 is available in non-standard slit rolls, sheets or custom shapes and can be laminated with an adhesive to create a custom single or double coated foam.

Product features for HT-800 Silicone Foam

Material selection is very importnant in the production of seals. Rogers Bisco HT-800 medium cellular silicone is a versatile, medium firmness silicone, with the enhanced sealing capabilities of traditional sponge rubber.

The material called BISCO HT 800 has many unique properties, below we present its most important features:

  • extreme temperature resistance
  • resistance to ozone, UV and weather conditions
  • low flame propagation
  • compact cell structure and unique formulation
  • high quality product
  • typical density of 22 PCF
  • CFD range of 6-14 PSI
  • available in thicknesses from 0.031 to 0.500 in.

HT-800 medium cellular silicone – Benefits:

  • silicone materials are FDA compliant
  • excellent shape memory and low stress relaxation
  • resistant to deformation after compression set and softening
  • patented chemistry and ceell structure provide a long term performance advantag

The main advantages of this material are compact cell structure and unique formulation.

Advantages of compact cell structure:

  • also offers shock reduction
  • vibration isolation in electronic components and transportation vehicles
  • provide enhanced sealing against penetration from fine particles and wind-driven rain and fire

All these advantages of the BISCO HT 800 material make it an excellent choice for gasketing, and its Ozone, UV and extreme temperature resistance make it ideal for use in all environments.

Bisco HT-800 Flame Retardant Silicone Foam – Typical Application

Rogers HT-800 Silicone Foam is ideal for protecting and sealing outoor communication, electronics and lighting enclosures.

As we mentioned earlier, BISCO HT 800 offers the lightness of a sponge combined with the superior sealing capabilities of traditional silicone.

This is the reason why this material is perfect for many applications, for example:

  • door seals

  • railway industry (vibration-dampening and electrical display gaskets)

  • HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) – heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems aerospace industry (window panel seals, gap fillers, and thermal insulation)

  • electronic cabinets

  • lighting-housing gaskets

  • anti-vibration cushioning

  • gap filling

  • ideal for outdoor transportation, industrial, and electronics gasket applications where environmental seals or vibration isolation are desired for the life of the product

  • superb memory and low stress relaxation reduces maintenance costs from gasket failures caused by compression set and softeningto protect outdoor communication, electronics and lighting enclosures

HVAC unit stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. This system is responsible for heating and cooling your home and includes products like furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, thermostats etc.

Rogers Bisco® Silicone Foams Performance – Additional information

BISCO Specialty Silicone products are designed to meet specific industry needs. Available in a wide range of firmnesses, BISCO Cellular Silicones are ideal forsealing, cushioning, vibration isolation and insulation.The material come in differens denisities. Cell series from soft and adoptable to hard and durable:

HT 800 – Medium
HT 820 – Firm
HT 840 – Extra-Firm
HT 870 – Soft
HT 1000 – Extra-Soft
HT 2000 – Ultra-Soft

Rogers corporation’s has full line of cellular, solid and specialty materials produced by silicone, which producet in roll-stock to be fabricated into gaskets, heat shields, fire stops, seals, cushions and isulation for a wide variety of applications.

The materials are used on the market such as: aircraft, rail, automotive, medical devices, exterior ligtening, elextrical enclosures etc.

BISCO silicones are most often found in applications such as: outdoor electrical gaskets, cushions, automotive heat shields, HID lighting seals, environmental seals etc.

Whats the differences between Silicone Foam and Silicone Sponge Sheet?

The types of silicone typically used are solid silicone, sponge rubber or  foam. Solid Silicone has no visible cell structure, only silicone material.

Silicone Sponge has the closed cell structure of the silicone sponge material. The commonly used silicone sponge is made-up of a flexible and rubber-like material with in open cell  or closed cell structure. Sponge rubbers are versatile and offer the following advantages such as: high sealing ability, can be compressed, great shock absorption capability etc.

Uses of Sponge Rubber:

  • automotive, marine, public transport, and aviation sectors
  • open-cell sponge rubber has its application in gaskets, seals, and protective padding
  • closed-cell sponge rubber is useful for cushioning, soundproofing, weather-stripping, thermal insulation
  • used in multiple sectors like the auto industry, food and beverages packaging, medical packaging

Silicone Foam has the open cell structure of the silicone foam material. Most foams are open cell or “modified closed cell”. The foam material is made using foaming agents to create an air-filled structure. Foams are strong, light and moisture resistant, have high stiffness-to-weight ratio, so this is the reason why makes them a preffered choice for automobile parts, home and appliance insulation etc.

Reticulated foams (extremely open foams, like a net) are useful for filtration. Flexible foam rubber is used in soles and heels, automobile seats, mattresses and pillows. Rigid foam rubbers have their application in refrigerators and freezers.

Uses of Foam Rubber:

  • shock absorption and vibration control

  • vibration isolators for different appliances

  • some of the major applications include shock absorbers for industrial machinery, hood gaskets in mobile devices

  • they are also used to insulate homes and appliances

Summary information

BISCO Silicone materials exhibit excellent compression set and creep resistance, and carry themost stringent UL flame ratings available.

We present a quick overview of the most important advantages of the BISCO HT 800:

  • temperature independency
  • UV/ Ozone resistant
  • rated to most stringent flame standards
  • extremely resilient to mechanical fatigue
  • superior resistance to compression set and creep
  • low toxicity upon combustion

Power Rubber also provide a fabrication service to create gaskets.

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