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Black and green hypertrophic mats

Black and green overgrowth mats are durable and safe rubber surfaces of the Polish manufacturer Power Rubber, which have many advantages and applications.


Discover the key benefits of hypertrophic mats

Strength and durability

Rubber surfaces are characterized by exceptional resistance to abrasion and intensive use. Black and green blotting mats are oil resistant, antistatic, resistant to most chemicals and high temperature. Thanks to their resistance to weather conditions, they can be used all year round.

The hypertrophic mats from the Polish manufacturer Power Rubber, thanks to their openwork structure, reduce noise and shocks, and at the same time are non-toxic and safe for animals.

Easy overgrowth of grass

Overgrown mats are a type of surface that is perfect for playgrounds, outdoor gyms, and gardens. Thanks to the openwork structure, they allow for easy overgrowing of the grass, thanks to which the mat becomes less visible and the lawn becomes aesthetic.


Water drainage

Black and green hypertrophic mats, thanks to their openwork structure, allow for quick drainage of water. The open structure of the mat allows for ventilation of the surface on which it is installed (e.g. on a terrace), keeping the surface dry and clean. It also prevents the formation of potential mud puddles.

Simple assembly and easy maintenance

The assembly of mats does not require any special foundation. No special tools are required for laying black and green hypertrophic mats. Using scissors, the rubber surface can be cut to the desired dimensions and shapes. Modular hypertrophic mats connect easily with each other.

Before installing the rubber safety net, the grass should be cut and the surface free of branches and stones, as well as filling in the dents and large holes in the ground. A safety net is necessary if the mats are to be laid on sandy or muddy ground. After the grass has grown through, it should be mowed regularly to obtain a nice and aesthetic appearance.

Overgrown mats for the playground and outdoor gyms

Rubber mats with holes can be used in a variety of ways. They are used both in public space (ice rinks, stables, schools), during outdoor events, as well as by individual clients (gardens, terraces, home playgrounds).


Why is it worth using hypertrophic mats in the playground and outdoor gym?



The hypertrophic rubber mat provides a durable, stable and safe surface. It is made of a flame-retardant material, resistant to damage.


Non-slip surface


The rubber from which the hypertrophic mats are made has anti-slip properties that ensure the ability to move safely while staying on the playground or during training in an outdoor gym and in a fitness club.


The surface protects children from accidentally slipping, minimizing injuries and the unpleasant consequences of a fall. Water after rain or during snow melting flows freely through the holes in the mat, leaving the surface free from water and potential mud.


Paths or sidewalks made of hypertrophic mats are wheelchair friendly.




Safe surface for the playground provides shock absorption of falls from a height (HIC 3.0). For safety reasons, it can be mounted under swings, slides or ladders. It is also a very important safety element at outdoor gyms in the area with handrails and bars intended, among others. for calisthenics training.


Natural, aesthetic appearance

Green overgrown mats increase the aesthetic value and blend in with the background. They make it possible to obtain a green surface all year round. It is one of the ways to create an aesthetic green space around the house, playground or outdoor gym. Provides even coverage, leaving no gaps or raised edges that could cause accidental tripping.

The hypertrophic mats have a honeycomb structure that protects the surface from the formation of pits, allows rainwater and surface water to drain efficiently, preventing the potential appearance of mud.

Regardless of the color you choose, the manufacturer of Power Rubber overgrowth mats provides the highest quality products that allow you to avoid cumbersome maintenance related to lawn maintenance, including mulching.


The rubber safety net is very easy to maintain. You just need to mow the grass regularly. In the event of replacement, it is enough to disassemble the damaged or damaged part of the mat and replace it with a new one. This activity does not require a lot of work.

Where else will hypertrophic mats work?


Golf courses


Black and green overgrowth mats mounted on the golf course protect the turf from damage due to heavy pedestrian traffic, golf carts and mud on rainy days.


Events / parties


During mass events, overgrowth mats help to avoid damage to a large area of turf from heavy use, and also protects against potential mud.


Entrance doors and gates


Overgrown mats are perfect as doormats in front of the entrance door. They clean the soles of shoes very well, and thanks to the quick drainage of liquids, they prevent water stagnation and mud accumulation.


Industrial mat


The rubber safety net of the Polish manufacturer Power Rubber is also used in various work environments in which employees assume a standing position for a long time. The mat has anti-fatigue functions, increasing work comfort, increasing efficiency and improving concentration. It also reduces the risk of falls and injuries in the workplace.


Other places where a rubber openwork mat is used are:


  • gardens
  • terraces
  • surface of ski slopes
  • construction sites
  • fitness clubs
  • equestrian centers
  • creating paths, sidewalks, standing places
  • ice rinks
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