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In the food industry, great attention is paid to all regulations and restrictions. With the influx of new restrictions affecting entrepreneurs in this area of industry, products that can be used in contact with food are emerging on the market. For this to happen, they must first pass a series of trials and tests and finally obtain certificates of use. The most important are the hygienic approval of the State Department of Hygiene and the certificate of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Any manufacturer who cares about the highest quality of its products and customer satisfaction must have such approvals. Black silicone plates must also have such approvals, unless they are intended for general use.

Black silicone – used in the food industry

All products that come into contact with food are obliged to have two characteristics – physiological indifference, that is, not to enter into chemical reactions with food products and be made of highly hygienic materials. Therefore, other rubber rubbers (SBR, NBR, EPDM) cannot be used in the food industry, but also red silicone plates intended only for use in the technical industry, but only black, white or transparent silicone. Such silicone mats are widely used in the food industry. They can be used, among other things, as non-slip primers in cold rooms and dryers, as primers in butchers when cutting the carcass. This allows you to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, as the silicone plate is very easy to maintain.

Black silicone plates – advantages

Made from polymerscontaining silicon and oxygen atoms in their chains, they are very resistant to adverse environmental conditionsandare therefore a very durable material. Black silicone plates are characterized by high thermal resistance, they can work at very extreme temperatures. Black silicone also has resistance to UV and infrared radiation, so it is not harmed by sunlight. It is a common means of insulation, because it very well suppresses vibrations. The structure of this silicone plate ensures its non-flammability, but only crushing when the immune limits are exceeded. In addition, this silicone does not undergo heat and atmospheric aging. Black silicone is also resistant to ozone, oxidation and ionizing radiation, well transmits gases. It has resistance to twisting, crushing and breaking, it is flexible, although under very high pressure, it can deform slightly. It is not harmed by corrosive substances such as acids and aces, alcohols or esters. It responds well to mineral oils and lubricants, vegetable and animal origin. It is chemically inert, physiologically harmless and approved for contact with food. Of course, there will be substances that negatively affect it, like water steam with a temperature above 100 st. C or organic acids, but it is used in most cases where these substances will not affect it.

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Black silicone plates- gaskets

Silicone plate is usually found in a 1200 x 10000 mm roll, so it is convenient for the customer not to produce unnecessary waste, silicone mats are cut to the exact size. Modern technologies ensure quality and precision of cutting. Black silicone can be used to produce high temperature gaskets. Because silicone plates are resistant to very extreme temperatures of -60 st. C to + 230 st. C, such gaskets will be used in furnaces, cold rooms, autoclaves, air conditioning and specialized equipment. Rubber seals have a long service life, which is important for machines and ensures long-term, safe use. We are able to cut the available silicone plates for individual customer order, providing a short lead time.

Silicone plates black – dimensions

Black silicone mats have different hardnesses. Those with a hardness of 30 ShA and 80 ShA are cut only in 500 x 500 mm format, thanks to which their properties will be safely preserved. This may slightly extend the lead time. Other hardnesses, most popular 60 ShA are found in rolls measuring 1200 x 10000 mm. The available thicknesses of black silicone are 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm. Black silicone plates are also cut to size.

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