Progi kablowe Wynajem Warszawa

Cable Protectors Warsaw Rent and Hire

Cable Protectors -Rent

Cable protectors rental in and around Warsaw is possible in the POWER Rubber offer. Wide range of thresholds and available quantities up to 100 meters from the hand. Yellow, black and black and yellow thresholds are offered.

Cable Protectors -Warsaw, Poland

Cable Protectors Protect and secure cables and wires. They allow the event to be played, events, matches or even concerts while allowing vehicles to drive. In POWER we have many models available from the stock. The range of cable and hose protectors for outdoor and indoor applications is available. 2-channel Cable Protectors and 3 channel Cable thresholds available. Importantly, we also offer thresholds for handling trucks and thresholds for fire hoses.

Rental of cable Thresholds-contact

In order to rent the thresholds we invite you directly to the telephone contact:

+48 505 16 03 03

Be a contact form at the bottom.

Where is POWER Rubber Warsaw?

POWER Rubber City is in a convenient location-exit Pruszków from Route S8 to Warsaw.


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