Delivery of cable ramps

Please see our offer for delivery of cable ramps. We provide convenient and safe transport. We try to adapt to the individual needs of the client so that he is fully satisfied with our services.

What are Cable protectors ?

Cable protectors other words Cable Protectors , are mainly used to protect all types of electrical cables against damage. Cable protectors invasions are mainly used outdoors, especially on the streets. For this reason, each threshold has a built-in cover to protect the cables from the weather. It is worth noting that the cover has a non-slip coating, which ensures much greater safety. Cable Protectors must also be properly adjusted to the factors influencing them so that their movement is prevented. Cable protectors are used not only on roadways, but also at events to bring cables to the stages.

Rental of cable ramps

Our offer includes the possibility of renting cable thresholds for various periods of time depending on the demand. we offer delivery of cable invasions straight to the house or place designated by the client. Cable protectors usually yellow, which allows you to see them from a distance.

It is possible to rent thresholds with a division into channels:

  • 1 channel
  • 2-Channel
  • 3-Channel
  • 4 channels
  • 5-Channel TV


In order to place an order, please register on our website and fill in the appropriate application form. Remember to fill in the places where you need to specify the number of meters of cables to be protected, rental time, contact number and delivery address. This information is necessary to estimate the rental costs as well as to determine the time delivery of cable ramps.


All orders are carefully analyzed by us and properly adjusted to the customer’s needs. Delivery of cable ramps is implemented in the shortest possible time. If you have additional questions, please contact us by phone.



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