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Top Reasons to Buy a Calibrated Rubber Cord

Calibrated rubber cordis a rubber product with high tolerance, which allows to maintain the accuracy of product manufacturing for both producers and consumers. This will result in higher product quality and less time wasted on defective products.

1. Greater accuracy in manufacturing products

The goal of product production is for the product to meet the needs of customers. This is done by ensuring that there are no manufacturing errors that could lead to defects or faults. The manufacturing process consists of many steps and each step requires careful attention, whether it’s adding ingredients to the boiling water or using a molding machine.

2. Increase the quality of the final product thanks to the use of cabled rubber cords from POWER Rubber

The design was developed with the aim of producing a higher quality rubber cord in terms of durability and resistance. The main idea is to replace the uncalibrated cord with a calibrated cord made of rubber.

3. The production process of calibrated rubber cords is not the easiest one

The production process of cabled ropes is not the easiest one. Due to the strict tolerance offered, this process takes a long time.

4. Reduce the cost of quality control resulting from exact tolerance

Quality control is a significant cost and a challenge faced by every company. High-quality products can reduce quality assurance costs by up to 90%. It can also reduce the need for costly physical inspections and live testers.

Quality control is not about fixing defects, but about using technology that will allow companies to be more efficient and agile in dealing with product defects.

5. Provide consistent, repeatable results on factory production lines

Calibrated products enable reproducible results. As we well know, there are results that we strive for in many industries, especially:

  • pharmacy

  • automotive

  • Aviation

What rubber compounds are used in the production of calibrated rubber cords?

For the production of calibrated rubber cords we use the following mixtures:

  1. NBR

  2. EPDM

  3. FKM / FPM / Viton®

  4. Neoprene®
  5. Silicon

You can buy rubber cords here: Rubber Cords Store

Sznur gumowy kalibrowany

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