Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

Fast-dry Adhesive

Cyanoacrylic adhesive properties
Cyanoacrylic adhesive is a universal adhesive for the combination of rubber elements available in our POWER Rubber rubber store. Glue is the right use for daily use.

Cyanoacrylic adhesive with activator
For special tasks, where the combination of individual elements does not come easily, it easily helps the activator. The combination of cyanoacrylic glue with an activator, allows for extreme joints of rubber mixtures, but also not only. Allows you to combine rubber products with metal and other alloys.

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Cyanoacrylic rubber adhesive

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

If you are looking for glue for the combination of elements and rubber products, the ideal solution is cyanoacrylic adhesive – for rubber  Perfect!It is also worth to know more about what cyanoacrylic adhesive is – the price also matters here, so it is worth checking out our price deals.Cyanoacrylic adhesives are solvent-free and do not react with glued material. They are characterized by a short reaction time. The chemical reaction of cyanoacrylate with moisture contained in the air is several seconds. Due to the fast binding time, it is recommended to use cyanoacrylic glue on small surfaces.Adhesives of this kind are very versatile, they are used for gluing rubber, rubber, O-rings, because they allow flexible joining of polymers, as well as glass, wood, paper, leather or plastics. They can combine small elements of steel or colored metals. Welds made with this adhesive are resistant to oils and fuels, in addition to their high strength.Cyanoacrylic adhesive is usually transparent, which makes it possible to make almost invisible bonding of materials and increase the aesthetics of the work done.