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Industry anti-slip mats

Demand for non-slip mats continues to grow. No wonder they guarantee their users security. You can find them in fitness clubs, large-scale sports halls, schools and other facilities that are associated with physical activities. However, in order for the standard mat to be geared to the comfort of use, it is necessary to purchase from a proven source. Such undeniably is Power Rubber.

The Power Rubber anti-slip mat
features a wide range of anti-slip mats that will make your space a stable and reliable place for physical activities. In the gym, it will become an invaluable aid to our joints thanks to subtle cushioning. Every time you stumble or fall thanks to the mat will not end in unpleasant consequences. On the contrary , it will allow you to continue training without problems. Mats will also work well in house conditions. Especially in the apartment, where there are small children. They will protect sensitive places such as stairs or bathrooms.

Anti-slip mat – certainty and balance
Sport is health – this saying has been confirmed since the dawn of time. Unfortunately, it can also bring numerous injuries in addition to physical tetanus. To prevent this, it is necessary to organize a space that will act preventively. Thanks to the non-slip mat, crossfit training or school exercises in physical education will do without unnecessary damage to health.



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Industry anti-slip mats

Pool anti-slip mats

Flexi Deck non-slip pool mat
Flexi Deck non-slip pool mat in blue

Pool mats should exhibit non-slip properties. First of all, they should also allow to drain water and other liquid. Available in many colour variants, they make it more character and increase safety.